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Public Works Department

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The Department of Public Works is responsible for day to day maintenance and repair of city property and equipment and works with developers and property owners in addressing utility issues, public improvements, property development, and follows a strict set of standards and specifications for improving and maintaining the City of Enterprise. From the water system, to the sewer plant operation, the crew is responsible for maintaining city streets, right of ways, and parks. The Enterprise Public Works department consists of three Maintenance Workers, a Sewer Plant Operator, a Sewer Plant Assistant Operator, and a Public Works Director.

For questions or comments pertaining to the Public Works Department, please contact the Public Works Department.

For after hours questions or concerns, please call (541) 263-0226.

Water/Sewer Department

The Water Department’s primary responsibility is to provide residents with clean, safe drinking water.  The Sewer Department’s responsibility is to keep the collection lines flowing and treating the sewage at the treatment plant.

Call the Water Department 541-426-4196
•If you have received unusually high or low water bill to schedule a Public Works employee to check for leaks and/or faulty meters.
•If you notice water coming up from streets, sidewalks, grassy areas or fire hydrants so leaks can be repaired.

Storm Sewers

The Sewer Department cleans the sewer lines on a yearly basis and as needed after routine inspections. The Sewer Department cleans catch basins bi-annually, and on an as–needed basis. Call the Sewer Department if you notice standing water in the streets, around man holes, or smell any foul odor so the problem can be determined and the appropriate repairs can be made.

Sewage Backups

Any resident or business who experiences a sewage backup of any type should call our Sewer Department at 541-426-3093. A determination will be made if the problem is within the sewer system, or advise the citizen of where a problem may exist.

The Public Works Department offices are located at 905 Golf Course Road. Office hours are Monday - Thursday 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m, Friday 7:00 am to 12:00 pm. Telephone is 541-426-3093. For water/sewer emergencies call 541-263-0226.


City of Enterprise Wastewater Rate Study Oct 2012.pdf                                                                   


The Enterprise Public Works Committee the last Friday of every month at 7:00am. 

This is public meeting and takes place at the Public Works Department. 

Reducing thermal loads into waterways

Reducing Thermal Loads into Waterways

The City of Enterprise would like to educate the public to the benefits of shading the streams throughout our community. Water quality in the Lower Grande Ronde Sub-basins currently do not meet some water quality standards. The City of Enterprise is located within the Wallowa River Sub-basin, which is one of the Lower Grande Ronde River Sub-basins. One of the concerns throughout the area is high temperatures in our streams. When water quality standards are not met, the Federal Clean Water Act requires a Total Maximum Daily Load to be established, which determines how much pollution can be added to the river without exceeding water quality standards.

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Protection from thermal expansion

Protection from Thermal Expansion

The City of Enterprise would like to inform our customers on how to protect your water heater from thermal expansion. The City is required to have a cross-connection program in place to prevent the contamination of our drinking water. On all our new service connections and any that we have been replacing in the last ten years we have been installing meter setters that have check valves installed in them. These check valves prevent the back flow from the household plumbing system from going back into the public supply.

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Resolution No. 650



Resolution No. 650- Utility Rates for the City of Enterprise

Enterprise Wastewater Treatment Facility

Enterprise Wastewater Treatment Facility

Facts that you need to know:

The City of Enterprise’s wastewater treatment facility was originally constructed in 1955. The 1955 treatment facility project consisted of construction of a preliminary treatment system including headwork’s, one 35 foot diameter primary clarifier, a 54 foot diameter rock-media trickling filter, one 35 foot diameter secondary clarifier, sludge pumping facilities, a control building, an 18.5 foot diameter anaerobic digester with external heat exchanger and mixing pump, sludge drying beds, a gas chlorinator system, and an outfall to the Wallowa River.

In 1986, the City received a Community Development Block Grant for $424,000 to complete limited improvements to the wastewater collection and treatment facilities. The limited improvements focused primarily on isolated repairs of the collection system to target reduction of the severe infiltration/inflow problem the City experiences in their collection system, a minor amount of work at the WWTF, and construction of an effluent polishing and dechlorination lagoon.

This 1955 WWTF was constructed to handle 750,000 gallons of wastewater per day. This treatment facility served the City well for 52 years, regulations over that 52 year period got more stringent over the years and the ageing facility was having problems staying in compliance with the DEQ’s regulations. At times flows would run into the 1,000,000 gallons/day at certain times of year because of the infiltration problems the City had in certain parts of their collection system. This facility was having problems meeting the DEQ’s permit limits for flows, biochemical oxygen demand, suspended solids and E-coli that were being discharged into the Wallowa River.

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