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Draft Enterprise HNA Webpage Content

August 5, 2022

Housing Needs Analysis 

Project Overview 

The City of Enterprise has initiated a housing needs analysis (HNA), which provides the City with current information on the housing market and expected demographic changes over the next 20-years. This information will help guide the development of housing policies to ensure that the City provides an adequate number of needed housing units at price ranges and rent levels in line with the financial capabilities of Enterprise’s households.

The analysis will include how much land is available in Enterprise to meet future housing needs (supply), how the supply compares to the land needed to accommodate future housing needs (demand), and strategies for the stakeholders involved to meet those housing needs.

Process Graphic 


Community Engagement 

The City will use a variety of methods to ensure that Enterprise community members are informed about the process and have opportunities to weigh in with their thoughts and suggestions regarding the results and recommendations of the study.

Project Advisory Committee 

The Enterprise Planning Commission, along with Katy Nesbitt and Sara Miller, will serve as the advisory committee for the Project. The role of the advisory committee is to review materials and advise on technical and policy issues throughout the project.

The advisory committee will meet approximately four times throughout the course of the project.

Public Meetings and Surveys 

This process will include in-person and online opportunities for community members to learn about the project and provide input.



Project Documents 



Contact Us 

For more information about this project, please contact Lacey McQuead, City Administrator/Planning Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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