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Minutes May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

The Enterprise City Council met in regular session on Monday, May 12, 2014 at 7:35 p.m.  Those present were Mayor Margie Shaw; Councilors Larry Christman, Jenni Word, Laura Miller, Bill Coffin, Tim Parks; City Attorney Roland Johnson; Staff Michele Young, Wes Kilgore, Ronnie Neil, Denine Rautenstrauch.

GUESTS:  Sondra Lozier, Kim Moore, Ann Gardner, Tip & Ruth Proctor, Toni Leach, Ed Charlton, Allison Seymore, marc Stauffer, Steve Lear, Jeremiah & Christine Moffit, Doris Noland, Mel Davis.

Press:  Kati Nesbit and Rob Ruth

Mayor Shaw opened the meeting to order.

Pledge of Allegiance and Introductions

Mayor Shaw stated that Toni Leach has requested to be on the agenda to speak to the Council.  Councilor Christman made and Councilor Miller moved to approve adding Toni Leach to the agenda.  Motion passed unanimously.


Marc Stauffer:

Marc Stauffer, Enterprise Planning Commission Chair updated the City Council on current activities with FEMA.  He told the council of various activities and phone calls he has had with State Officials and FEMA Officials.  Basically there are new guidelines being proposed that will create additional impacts on property owners and city staff .  These impacts are all about protecting fish habitat in fish listed rivers which Prairie Creek is.    If this passes it will have negative impacts in our community and the message he has sent out is that we are not in favor of any additional regulation  Marc told the Council that the Planning Commission is working hard on this and they will keep the council updated.  The Council thanked Marc for his efforts. 

Toni Leach:

Toni Leach stated that the Enterprise Business Community, which includes the restaurants in Enterprise strongly objects to the proposal of food and drink vendor carts to be located on City property.  We are committed to having the business community grow but feel that all businesses must be on equal terms.

Toni read the following to the council:

1.  We are all property owners that pay property taxes, temporary vendors do not pay.

2.  Storefront businesses are open 12 months a year, not just the 3 prime months of the summer.

3.  The location of the proposed vendors is on City property and city services should not be provided with out cost.

4.  We question the city government why they think this will benefit the city?

5.  The location for these vendors is a terrible corner and I would think the City police would consider this a hazard.

6.  I would think it would not be a money making endeavor for those vendors.. (rent, utilities, overhead).  The person or persons that have given the idea to those potential vendors that this is a great idea, should rethink this.  We are not Portland or Bend!  Ask anyone in this room who struggle thru the winter and look forward to their summer business to catch up with expenses.

We would like the City Council and Mayor to vote against this proposal.  Services cannot be given away on City property.  We would like to be given the opportunity to know when a new business is proposed in a timely manner.  our voices need to be heard.

Minutes of previous Council meetings are not posted in a timely manner.  Agenda's should be posted early am before the Monday evening meeting if possible (Toni commented that when she opened the website the agenda was posted).  A business owner may not be able to attend a meeting but could have someone there to voice his or her concerns.

The Business community also feels that this particular city lot should be a parking lot for visitors and employees.  Councilor Laura Miller proposed this at a previous meeting and it should be revisited.  Barrels can be situated on corners with small trees or flowers...less money for maintenance and it serves the community.  Toni commented that we should decorate it like Walla Walla does

Thank you for your time, if I need to get signatures of those that oppose this proposal I will do that.

Ann Gardner, owner of Red Rooster Café was under the opinion that we are trying to get Main Street opened up.  It cost them a lot of money to put their business where it is.

Toni asked if we could discuss whether a vendor or parking lot should go there.  Steve Lear, owner of a restaurant stated that he finds it a good thing that people want to do something here and he does not want to be the person to deny people that right.  He feels that the city needs to be the one to set up the rules.Laura Miller stated that we are waiting for the applicant to submit their proposal.

Sondra Lozier stated that the applicant stated Joseph denies  everyone, maybe the city should look in to their ordinances.

Subway owner Ed Charlton stated that June, July and August help him get through the wintertime.  He had 26 W-2’s sent out, he has a hard time keeping people.  This will have an effect on unemployment, these people don't have to pay unemployment taxes.    Steve Lear asked what everyone intends to do about the two new restaurants opening up, are you wanting to deny them that right.  Steve stated he may want to set up his own vendor cart.  Steve felt the city should have guidelines.  Michele commented to Steve that the City is not the one who came up with this idea, we were presented with an idea and a conceptual design.  Once we know what the final proposal is then the city will decide.  Councilor Miller stated that this has not been approved.  Michele stated that City Council voted to authorize Michele and Roland to proceed with negotiations on the lease.

No action taken


Civil Penalties Ordinance was tabled and  moved to next month.


Dog Complaint – Ruth Proctor stated they have 5 dogs in a small space near her home, it used to be a nice lot.  Ruth stated they lost a sale due to the smell and the dogs barking.  She stated that neighbors got together and visited the owners of these dogs and were told they would put lime on the ground and would get rid of a dog, instead they got another one.  Ruth stated that the smell is so bad Ronnie Neil can't even sit in his backyard anymore.

Roland stated that we need to review our current ordinance and recommended that Wes and himself  will get together and come up with a proposal for next months meeting.

Mel Davis stated that the dogs will bark for 2 1/2 hours straight.  His son talked to them before he passed away and the neighbor was extremely rude.  Michelle Bloker came out and visited the parcel with Mrs. Proctor, Officer Bloker gave him 6 hours to clean up the feces and to put lime in the yard. 

Councilor Coffin asked for a proposal.  Roland will do the review.  Ronnie stated that he cannot be in his backyard because of the odor.  Ronnie stated that himself and 3 other neighbors talked with Mr. Quinby about this trying to handle it as neighbors but it did not work.

Resolution No. 581

Michele presented the council Resolution No. 581, a Resolution adopting Enterprise's Representation in the Updates to the Northeast Oregon Regional Natural hazards Mitigation Plan.  Roland recommended that he be able to read the Plan before the Council adopts the Resolution, Councilor Miller wanted to read it as well.  Item tabled.

Award of City Engineer RFQ

Michele stated the only Engineering firm that submitted a proposal was Anderson Perry & Assoc. She mailed an RFQ to Anderson Perry, Ralph Swinehart and JUB Engineering.  Councilor Christman made and Councilor Miller seconded the motion and Councilor Miller seconded the motion to appoint Anderson Perry & Assoc. as the City Engineer.  Motion passed unanimously.


Councilor Christman made and Councilor Coffin seconded the motion which passed unanimously to appoint Jodi Berry to the Enterprise Budget Committee.

Engineering Services Contract for Water Improvement Project

Roland stated that he wanted to have a committee meeting to review and propose some changes in the contract.  Mayor Shaw asked Councilor Christman if he would  fill in for Stacey’s absence.


Denine showed the quilt that is being raffled off for the Library 100th Birthday which will be held on   the 12th of July.  Tickets available at the library

Denine showed the council the plans for the lift at the library, it is  the final project of the Library.

Wes provided a call log for the council.

Michele proposed to the council that we hire Joseph and Amy Ramirez to work at Warde Park to keep the flower beds up and keep it swept through the summer.  Michele had a proposal from them, they would charge the city $40.00 per week to maintain the park.  Councilor Miller made and Councilor Coffin seconded the motion to authorize Michele to contract with Joseph & Amy.  Michele stated they have their own liability insurance and operate under a company name. 

Michael Berry stated that there are people very disappointed that the Ice Rink did not get funding and he was told they may not get future funding.  Michele stated that year to date the City of Enterprise has granted the Ice Rink over $30,000.  The grant he is referring to was denied for specific reasons but they are invited to make a grant application as they always have for operations in the fall.    The council stated they are very much in support of the Ice Rink.  Michael stated the Ice Rink is a good thing for the city and he just wants to see it supported. 

Being no further business meeting was adjourn.


                                                                                                                Margie Shaw, Mayor



Michele R. Young, City Admin./Recorder