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Minutes April 8, 2013

April 08, 2013

The Enterprise City Council met in regular session on Monday, April 08, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. Those present were Mayor Margie Shaw; Councilors Larry Christman, Laura Miller, Bill Coffin, Stacey Karvoski, Tim Parks; Staff Denine Rautenstrauch, Ronnie Neil, Michele Young, Michelle Bloker.

Guests: Nathan Black, JUB Engineering; Sondra Lozier, Mary Swanson, Steve Arment, Sue Moore Adrian Harguess, Chris Marko of RCAC, Darrell Brann Paige Sully, Rob Ruth, Jack Jenkins.


Mayor Shaw asked if there were any comments on the March 11, 2013 minutes. Councilor Miller asked that it be added that the signs at the old Medical office at the mall were not approved by the city; she wanted that added to the minutes.   AThe City Recorder will add that the sign installation was not approved by the city, placing the signs there were approved by the city@ Mayor Shaw stated that Alpenfest did have a parade last year and Denine commented that the Library actually turns 100 years old next year, they are just celebrating early. Councilor Coffin made a motion to approve the consent agenda with the corrected minutes; Councilor Christman seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


Municipal Judge Paige Sully presented a report to the council regarding the operations of the Municipal Court.   She stated that she had met with several councilors regarding reporting to the council and what that would look like. The court is in a situation where it is running very inefficiently. The process is very archaic and it will require a significant amount of money and time to get it up and running smoothly. With that being said it is not even generating enough money to the city on a monthly basis to pay her monthly salary. They are currently generating about $300 per month in court fines. That is simply based on the number of tickets coming through.   She is doing a good job on collecting from the tickets since she has taken office; they are collecting about 80%. Non-traffic tickets, we are not doing so well mainly because she doesn’t have any enforcement mechanisms. We are not seeing many of those, it is mostly traffic. Paige stated she is not going to make judgment as to why we aren’t seeing very many tickets in her court; it is simply a fact, maybe 3 or 4 a month which is not enough to keep your municipal court open. Even if we made the investment to run smoothly so that the council could get the report they wanted, you’re still only going to make $300 per month. The 2012 legislature reduced traffic violation fines and are taking more to the state. On top of that if a person has never had a ticket, she has to reduce it. As the state courts are scrambling for money, they see local courts as a source for additional income. This is why more and more municipal courts are closing.   She is not seeing a benefit to the city other than for code violations. In 3 years she has seen 2 code violations and they were dismissed prior to trial. Most dog violations cannot be written in municipal court, they have to be written in circuit court as a result of a state statue in a case so there are virtually no dog cases coming through municipal court. She has had a couple of skateboard tickets in 3 years and a couple of marijuana tickets. All of those could go through circuit court. If you are concerned about code violations you could always adopt a hearings process if that is something you want to keep in the city, it does not justify keeping your municipal court.   She would be happy to explain how she does things; it is all in writing. There is not a single written procedure or process in there. If she dropped off the face of the earth tomorrow no one could figure it out because it is so outdated and there are so many steps to it. She felt it would be hard for a new municipal judge to step in.

Councilor Karvoski asked how a code violation hearings process works.   Paige stated that you can adopt an ordinance; she used the Joseph School as an example.   A person cited can request a hearing and you would appoint a hearings officer who would be an impartial 3rd party person. You could handle these in house instead of citing in circuit court. Michele Young stated that she has watched what Paige has had to go through and it is quite painful to watch. Pearl Collinsworth had a system for many years and she knew it, she created it.   She was very busy and put a lot of time in that court. When she left no one was ever able to figure it out. She was very efficient in what she did, she created her system, we had a court clerk and we had court every week.   Councilor Karvoski stated that if we are going to make changes in our court now is the time to do it with Budget coming up. We could set aside money to have a hearings officer. Michele Young recommended that the Police Committee, Chief, Paige and City Attorney meet to make a recommendation. Roland agreed, he did not think we should try to make a decision tonight; there are a lot of pros and cons.   Councilor Miller asked if we want to create a job description so that if Paige drops of the face of the planet we have that. Michele Young stated that if you are going to keep the court you would need that but first you have to decide if you’re going to keep the court.

Mayor Shaw stated that the Police Committee shall meet with Paige and the police to discuss this.


Jack Jenkins stated that he is here because of his frustration in trying to get animal control in his particular neighborhood; he lives across from the park. He has 14 dogs within a stones throw of his house. Some of those people have as many as 5 dogs in their household; he lives right next to one of them. They have defecation problems, especially when it gets hot.   He wonders why this hasn’t been addressed in the city code as to how many dogs people can have. There is nothing in there, can they have 50? It is like living in a kennel.   He wonders if it is this bad throughout the city and what is going to be done about it. He just got done listening to the lady talking about there not being enough money to take care of these situations.   There are laws in regards to licensing of dogs, no one ever goes out and solicits to see how many dogs there are in the city.   How many people have to have licenses? Michele Young stated that the County has a dog licensing ordinance, this came up years ago based on how many dogs a person has can require you to have a dog kennel license or something.   Michele stated that dogs are required to be licensed in the county as she understands it. Mayor Shaw stated that Councilor Karvoski commented that there are no funds and the pound belongs to the Humane Society. Michelle Bloker stated that if there is a dangerous dog they can take it into custody and solicit the volunteer help of the Humane Society for care of the dogs until the situation is remedied. Michelle Bloker stated that if they had the county go after the dog license fees the city would not get any of that. Jack commented that basically the city does not have any dog control program. Michelle stated that we are public safety officers so if it comes to public safety and involves dogs we can address that.

Jack stated that requirements of licensing are rabbi shots, isn’t it for public safety that they have rabbi shots. Michelle Bloker stated that any dogs they come in contact with they do check for rabbi tags.   Jack asked what we do if they don’t have one. Michelle stated that licensing is not a part of our job as city police; it is not enforceable by us.

Mayor Shaw asked Jack if any of the dogs are feral dogs. He said no, the city park is used as a dumping ground for dogs. People bring their dogs in the park so they can defecate. The bags we used to have at the park went in the pockets of people, they didn’t use them. People just turn their dogs loose. They got the bags but didn’t put anything in it.   Jack stated his neighbor has 5 large dogs and he asked they be ticketed. Michelle Bloker stated that they were cited to circuit court for the pit-bull for running at large. Jack stated that there is nothing in our ordinance regarding removal of defecation, it is a health issue. Michelle Bloker thought that there was a section in our ordinance on this issue because she has found it. Michele Young stated this is a problem city wide. She stated that when she comes in at 6am she sees a lot of activity of people walking dogs. She came across a gentleman letting his dogs do their business in peoples yards and not picking it up. Michele also stated that they constantly pick up dog droppings on the sidewalks, people in the building next to city hall turn their dogs loose and don’t pick up after them.

Councilor Coffin stated that the dog problem is with the County, they issue licenses, they are responsible for enforcement, and it is not the city.   Councilor Coffin stated that Jack needs to take this issue to the County. We do not have dog control. Michele Young stated the Officer Kohlhepp, after everyone left town from cleaning sidewalks. visited with a gentlemen who had his dog at the Library and Michele stated she was very appreciative of him taking the time to talk with this person.  

Jack stated there are people using our park; children are playing in the park. Something has to be done about the defecation in the park. Michelle Bloker stated that maybe we should go about a re-education proactively. Ronnie stated that we have had signs, bags etc. and unless it is being enforced it doesn’t do any good. Michele Young stated we have signs up at Warde Park and it hasn’t slowed people down a bit.   Michele Young stated the problems are the owners, Jack agreed but owners aren't doing anything about it.   Michele Bloker told Jack that if he sees a dog running at large at the city park and defecate in the park get a description and call us.   Jack stated he would go to court but we don’t have a court. He is now going to court with his neighbor at the circuit court.

Jack questioned why we don’t enforce our own ordinance; why we don’t cite dog owners. The council discussed the dog ordinance that we have and it covers dogs at large. Michelle Bloker stated that ordinance was written in good faith and she has used it before, we just don’t have anywhere to go with dogs, we can’t use it like a normal department does in a city that has someone who takes care of the animals. We rely on the Humane Society to take care of animals, they own the kennel.   Michele Young stated that last weekend she called Officer Kohlhepp to help find a dog’s owner, we had been seeing an old dog running around town and it didn’t look healthy. Officer Kohlhepp followed the dog around and found the owner and he had a visit with the owner. The police cannot do this by themselves.

Jack stated he is trying to help, this is a serious problem.   Jack asked what we are going to do, if we have money to build an ice rink or a big building you would think we would be able to take some of that money and put it into public safety.

Roland stated that we need to review our dog ordinance. If we changed it to a low class misdemeanor for which a jail sentence could be imposed it would be no problem for an officer citing an offense that he didn’t observe being committed and you could prove it by a complainant’s testimony.   It could be heard in municipal court this way. Roland did not think there was anything in our ordinance about a dog defecating and not cleaning it up. Everyone agreed this needed to be addressed, this should be a violation.   Roland stated improvements could be made in our ordinance. Councilor Parks asked about photographs.   Michelle Bloker stated that a violation must be witnessed by an officer in order to issue a citation, if it were reduced to a low level misdemeanor then we could cite into circuit court.

If we make it a crime it then requires legal council, etc. so that would not work. Councilor Coffin stated that all dogs should be licensed.

Michele Young clarified a statement Jack had made that the city has money to finance the ice rink project. That is not something we are financing, that is not a city project. Jack stated he stood corrected.

Jack discussed the danger of pitbulls. Mayor Shaw felt that pitbulls have had a bad rap from the drug people; she doesn’t feel all pitbulls are mean dogs.   Any dog can be made to be mean.   Councilor Christman stated he spent 20 some years at the school and we had dog control then and had the same problems.   Councilor Christman felt we have discussed this enough tonight, there is not anything we can do about it right now, and the football field has the same problem.   Mayor Shaw told Mr. Jenkins she appreciated his concern and we will look into some outreach to the public. Maybe we can try to get something positive going.   Jack stated license the dogs, that is the key.


Chris stated that some of the council may remember him from working with the city on the Wastewater Rate Study.   He is looking forward to doing some more work here. He was able to leverage some grant funding in our dialog about Enterprise and future possibilities in terms of Economic Development. They submitted a grant through the Rural Community Development Initiatives, a USDA funded program. In their proposal they talked about helping the city and the business community to do some strategic planning and goal setting and to ultimately identify some projects and initiatives that they could help bring some resources to bare, to help fund projects within a 1 to 3 year time frame.  Chris stated that the second thing is they are contributing matching resources towards that program and they have some existing programs that help with water and wastewater programs so they were able to tag some of that resource internally to match the RCDI grant. He is proposing to work with the city on our water project and planning, water rates etc. He is here to continue serving and look forward to meeting more of the business folks. Michele Young has organized a discussion with some business folks and he can=t wait to hear from the GEMS folks to hear what they are doing,   He has some experience with Mt. Vernon for about 5 years to help them target about 3 main priorities for their community around Economic Development. It helped them to find funding for their Main Street improvements along the highway through a transportation grant. It helped them renovate their community hall through a CDBG grant; they had a green belt trail. He is hoping to stimulate discussion and bring resources, help strengthen partnerships and collaborations. He knows there has been a lot of Economic Development work in Enterprise and he hopes to build on that. He asked the Council to help him and teach him, he wants the cities input.

Mayor Shaw asked if he would be willing to have a community meeting with the council, she pointed out the list on our wall. Chris noticed that Infrastructure is on the list; Michele Young stated that list came from the public of what was important to them for Enterprise. The list describes what we are and we keep the list up to remind us what the public wants. Chris stated he has thoughts; there are a lot of models he can use. We can use brainstorming, narrowing, checking back and create a pathway to action. He sees this happening over a three year period. He will be coming back a couple of times between now and September. Chris stated he put together a work plan that Michele handed out, it is a community work plan so the council understands what they will be doing. He is glad to be back in Enterprise.


Presenting to the Council were Mary Swanson, Steve Arment, Sue Moore, Adrian Harguess and Darrell Brann representing GEMS, the Greater Enterprise Main Street Group. Mary Swanson, Board Chair and member of the Design Committee for GEMS.   Their purpose is to enhance the life for citizens of Enterprise.   We are working to be a part of the National Main Street Program. The purpose of the GEMS Design Committee is to improve the appearance of our town and to strengthen the identity and sense of pride for the community. Mary submitted a packet to the council that represents the work they have done over the last two years creating a plan to develop finance and a gateway sign for the entrance to the city. Currently there is not a clear sense of Enterprise; the current sign is small and not effective in this purpose. Their proposal is to put it in a prominent location at the west end of town.   Their idea is to have a monumental sign, 24= long, 9=high, 6= wide.   They propose to build it with materials that represent Enterprise that will tie it in to the downtown core; Bowlby Stone and wood. It will have other elements that will reflect the resource base of our community which is timber and agriculture. They are asking from the city support for the project with a budgetary commitment of about 1/3 of the cost of the project. Both of these items will help build momentum for the project and receive other sources of revenue. Steve Arment then presented the conceptual design of the Welcome Sign (indescribable it is so awesome).   This is a marker for tourists, provide a place for pictures. Businesses would like to be a part of something a little more substantial and tie it in to the downtown core.   Steve described to the council how this sign will be built with saturated color; he wants it to be striking.   The signs purpose is to be tasteful but on a scale that lets people know you’re here! This is something people will remember.

Darrell Brann stated he is a local contractor and has lived here 10 years. He has a background on stone and was asked to work with Steve on this project. Bowlby seemed very appropriate. This sign is designed to be passed on to the city and they wanted it to be low maintenance, they chose materials that will last for generations to come.   Darrell stated they are estimating the sign to cost $45,000.   Adrian Harguess stated his job was to acquire to appropriate permits which has been done. He has received a permit from ODOT and the city for this sign.   Sue Moore is the financial advisor for the group and her role is to work out the planning process they worked out and develop an estimate of funding sources.   One of the things they have been trained to do is to choose a project that is obtainable.   They are choosing people that may want to be a part of this.   They are identifying key players in this sign; County, local business’s, households, etc. They are hoping to apply to the Nature Conservancy for a landowner tag.   They are also hoping to receive some in-kind donations, maybe a dunk tank for the City Council as a fundraiser!!

Mary stated their proposal is for a substantial monument, nothing less than the city deserves. It is the County seat and the largest city in the County and most importantly it is the place you go for what you need. We believe this design clearly identifies Enterprise but shows the community pride its citizens have in their city. We are willing to continue to put our time and energy into this exciting project.

Mayor Shaw thanked the group.   Councilor Coffin commended them for all of their work on this project, he stated that he could tell it is coming from their heart which is important to him and everyone else, he stated that right now they can put him down for a $100 pledge.


Mayor Shaw read by title Ordinance No. 567, An Ordinance granting to Wallowa Valley Networks, a Franchise for the use of streets, alleys and public easements within the City of Enterprise for a Telecommunications utility for a period ending April 1, 2023. Michele stated this ordinance is identical to the one we did for Inland Utilities who did the work at the hospital. Michele stated that if adopted by unanimous vote it can be approved tonight. Councilor Christman made and Councilor Coffin seconded the motion to adopt Ordinance No. 567. Michele took a roll call vote which was unanimous.


Mayor Shaw stated the Library was the first department chosen for this new award. The Council chose to nominate Denine, our Librarian for this award. Councilor Coffin stated that the City should feel very fortunate to have someone with Denine’s capacity; she has done an incredible job. There are not many small cities any more that have Libraries.   Councilor Miller wanted some decisions on some unfinished business. We did not make a decision for moving forward, how much for the buckskin bucks. Councilor Christman stated we are doing this 4 times per year, he feels this should be $100 to make it worthwhile. Councilor Coffin wanted more discussion and Councilor Miller asked where this expenditure would come from. Michele recommended that it come from the Council Expense line item.    Councilor Karvoski made a motion to award $100 to the Employee of the Quarter each quarter, Councilor Christman seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously. Councilor Miller asked if we should send out a postcard to community members so that are aware of it or we can put it on the utility bills. Everyone felt the utility bill was the appropriate place. Councilor Miller then asked how many months we want to put it on the bill, every month in the quarter, once at the end of the quarter. Staff felt once was fine. Councilor Miller asked if we want the whole quarter to determine who we want or the Department Head to do or at the end of the quarter, how do we want to do it. Everyone felt it should be done at the end of the quarter.   Councilor Christman felt the Council should be involved in this, the Council has already set a precedent by choosing the first one and it would not be fair for Ronnie to pick someone off of his crew when the council may want to choose him. Mayor Shaw felt this would be a good way for Council to learn about what the departments do. It was decided to have the Council choose the Employee of the Quarter at the end of the quarter; Department Heads can make recommendations to the Council. Councilor Miller then asked if we wanted the employee interviewed at the radio station or an announcement at the radio. Councilor Coffin suggested Mayor Shaw and recipient do an interview plus provide information about what is happening in the city.   Councilor Miller asked if we were going to do that at the end of the next quarter, council stated yes. Councilor Christman felt Councilor Miller should head up the committee for this project.


Councilor Karvoski stated the Motel Tax Committee met.   We had $22,325 in applications, because of the revenue loss from the Best Western Closure we have $14,500 to grant out. If we awarded that whole amount of money we would deplete our funds for the next budget year. They eliminated and did not consider three applicants 1) Alpenfest because their application was late 2) Jensen Field Improvement Group because no one showed up to present their application and 3) Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce because their points were so low. In the past we have opted not to award money to go towards the salary of a person. Councilor Karvoski stated they scored the applicants based on the qualifications sheet, the applicants that scored 6 or above (9 total points) they are recommending to award them 50% of their request and the applicants that scored below that to receive 25% of their request. They are recommended to award $7,100 and leaving us the remaining for the next application process. A worksheet was given to the council with their recommendations.

Councilor Coffin asked about Mountain Broncs application, Councilor Karvoski stated that they did not submit an application. Councilor Parks stated they brought him their application following the council meeting. Councilor Miller asked how often do we receive motel tax money, Michele stated every quarter, we haven't received anything from the Best Western since October. Michele stated they pay 50% of collected motel tax funds. Councilor Miller asked about how much money we are carrying over. Michele explained to the Council that what you grant out now may not be paid out until next fall. Applicants have a year to submit their reimbursements. Part of our cash carryover is for previously granted projects, she has to track that very carefully. Michele stated that she keeps a spreadsheet on what is granted and when it is paid.

  GEMS/Bowlby Bash - 7 points with a recommendation to award $1,000. Councilor Miller made and Councilor Coffin seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

  Hells Canyon Mule Days - 8 points with a recommendation to award $1000. Councilor Coffin made and Councilor Parks seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

  GEMS/Downtown Flower Project - 3 points with a recommendation to award $500. Councilor Christman asked if they are the ones that put the flower baskets out and help decorate our town.   Councilor Coffin felt we should provide more than that. Councilor Christman asked if they were putting out more baskets this year. Sondra Lozier stated that she thinks they pay the Wellness Center $1200 to water them.   Mayor Shaw felt it was really important to have the flowers. Councilor Karvoski stated that their scoring is based solely on the grading sheet and was done across the board to be fair to everyone, the council can over-ride their recommendation if they feel. Councilor Christman made a motion to award $2000, Councilor Miller seconded the motion 4 in favor and Councilors Coffin and Parks opposing.

  Juniper Jam - 8 points with a recommendation of $1000. Councilor Miller moved that we award $1000, Councilor Parks seconded the motion which passed unanimous.

  Courthouse Concert Series - 7.5 points with a recommendation of $1000. Councilor Coffin moved to award $1000, seconded by Councilor Parks and passed unanimous.

  Wallowa County Farmers Market - 5 points with a recommendation of $500. Mayor Shaw stated this event brings in a lot of people. Council and staff asked where they receive other funds, does the City of Joseph contribute.   The Market runs 18 weeks in Joseph and 14 weeks in Enterprise. Councilor Christman asked what the money is used for. Based on their applications the City of Enterprise is the main contributor. Rob Ruth stated Wallowa County turned them down on their request.   After discussion Councilor Coffin felt they are lucky to get the $500. Denine suggested that anyone that did not get above 50% of points not get anything because this is such a hard decision. The council has been able to provide a lot of money in the past, does it really help to give 3 of funds. Councilor Christman made a motion to award them $500, Councilor Coffin seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


  Wallowa Resources - 7 points with a recommendation to award them $850. Mayor Christman made a motion to not award any funding to Wallowa Resources, Councilor Coffin seconded that motion.   Motion passed with 5 in favor and Councilor Miller opposing.


  Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce. Councilor Christman wanted to discuss this application, this is our businesses. They are the ones that keep us thriving and what they wanted to do is keep the office open on Saturday.   Councilor Karvoski asked why couldn’t they adjust their hours in the summer and wouldn’t this be better if spent on a Kiosk where information is provided with brochures.   Mayor Shaw did not think a Kiosk is the answer, you have it outside. You don’t see just Kiosk in communities, the Chamber office is where you go. The building in Joseph is not a Wallowa County Chamber building but they receive money to help with that from Joseph. The Wallowa County Chamber receives 50% of their funds from the County Motel Tax fund to operate. Sondra Lozier stated that this is what the Chamber tried to come up with because local business asked why they weren’t open on Saturdays, they are also doing a brochure for Enterprise. Sondra stated that if the Council were to come downtown on Saturdays you would see how quiet it is. Councilor Coffin asked why so many businesses are closed on Saturdays, working people use Saturdays as their shopping day. Councilor Christman stated that we are required to spend a certain amount of our collected tax money on tourism specific projects.   Michele stated this is true, she does track the categories.   Mayor Shaw would like to see if this works.   Councilor Coffin brought up awarding them the $850, other discussion was to fund it all. They will be open from May through September.   Councilor Christman made a motion to award their full request of $1,645.00 Councilor Miller seconded the motion, motion passed with 5 in favor and Councilor Karvoski opposing.


  Wallowa Land Trust - 5.5 points with a recommendation to award $250 dollars. Councilor Coffin moved to deny the application, motion passed with 5 in favor and Councilor Miller opposing.


  Blue Marble Arts - 8 points with a recommendation to award $1000. Councilor Parks moved and Councilor Coffin seconded the motion, motion passed with 5 in favor and Councilor Miller opposing.


  Councilor Miller made a motion to deny Jensen Field Improvement Group for not showing up for the presentation. Councilor Coffin seconded the motion, motion passed unanimously


  Councilor Miller moved that we deny Alpenfest due to a late application.   Councilor Christman seconded the motion, motion passed unanimously.


Councilor Miller moved that we deny Mountain High Broncs since they did not turn in their application, Councilor Coffin seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


    Mayor Shaw asked that Council Members support Alpenfest and Mountain High Broncs by showing up and volunteering, be seen at these events to show support to them. She has volunteered for Mule Days, Bowlby Bash. She asked council members to show up and ask how you can help. They didn’t get their grants but they still need to know they have our support.




    Resolution No. 561 - A Resolution transferring $4,700 from Fund 15 Library Capital Improvements to General Fund Library Building Improvements B Councilor Christman made and Councilor Coffin seconded the motion to approve Resolution No. 561, Michele took a Roll Call Vote, motion passed unanimously.


R resolution No. 562 - A Resolution transferring $13,555 from Fund 40 Motel Tax Fund Exterior Façade Improvement Grants to Fund 80 Historic Preservation Fund Exterior Façade Improvement Grants Councilor Miller moved to approve Resolution No. 562, motion seconded by Councilor Christman. Michele took a Roll Call Vote, motion passed unanimously.





   Fire Dept. : Michele stated that the Fire Department was again denied their Homeland Security Grant for a new fire truck, they are very disappointed. Michele stated that in the past her office wrote the grants, then he hired a grant-writer and that hasn’t worked. This last application was identical to the previous one and they had corrected items the granting agency brought to their attention that they were weak in. Michele stated that there are different review boards, no different then we do here with the Motel Tax Grant. People have different interpretations and different priorities. Paul is going to contact them and find out what we scored low on and try again.


   Police Dept. : Michelle Bloker brought to the attention to the Council a copy of a letter we received from the Oregon DUII Taskforce. We were nominated by Building Healthy Families for this award, John Crowder will be going to Bend to receive this award.   Councilor Miller asked if they had a Bullet Proof Vest Grant Program. Michelle stated we apply every year, John Crowder has control over that grant. They pay 50% of the costs of the vests.    


Library : Denine stated she didn’t have much to add but did want to thank Councilor Miller on the great job she did in helping the Battle of the Books contest.


   Public Works : Ronnie stated that we found out that the garbage trucks are weighing in 20,000 to 30,000 lbs overweight. We have no weight restrictions on our streets, the weight takes a toll on our streets. Ronnie wondered if there wasn’t a way to tax on this. Roland asked if this is unavoidable. Ronnie stated legally it would be like loaded log trucks driving around on our streets. We have no way to manage this because we have no weight limits. Roland thought maybe we could have a weight limit, our city streets are not built with the base to handle that weight, these have a huge impacts on that. Michele stated she would put an inquiry to other cities how they handle this issue.   Michele thought we could require that they provide us weight slips to go with a weight limit. Councilor Coffin recommended that Rahn’s be contacted to this issue and we have a meeting to try to work with them. Ronnie will talk to Rahn’s and report back.


   Administration B Michele's report touched on the Sewer revenue problem. Michele was going to try to have a work session on April 24 to just discuss various budget issues. We have a shortage in sewer revenues from the new rate structure. The Water Project that the Council is looking at, we need to begin working on a brochure for the public.   Michele has been looking at other cities, Athena just did one for their project. Michele felt very strongly that we get something out to the public. Michele’s report also talked about what is going on with the Landmarks Commission, and status of the claim with Pacific Power which is no progress at this point.


I  Having no further business the meeting was adjourn.




Margie Shaw, Mayor






Michele R. Young, City Admin./Recorder