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Special Meeting April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013

The Enterprise City Council and Planning Commission met in a joint meeting to discuss the cities response at the CountyCommissioners meeting and to negotiate with S&V Properties.  Those present were Mayor Margie Shaw; Councilors Larry Christman,Stacey Karvoski,  Jenni Word; Commissioner Marc Stauffer; Staff Michele Young; City Attorney Roland Johnson and Sadie Kennedy.

Roland stated the city agreed with S&V Properties to go ahead and have their hydrologist dig test wells in the southern most part of their property.  Our hydrologist felt this would be a good scientific way to determine whether or not the water goes to the WallowaRiver.

Roland stated that if our hydrologist is certain, scientifically that the water does go the WallowaRiver, he would like to propose a settlement proposal south of the ground water divide.  This would only occur if it were established to exist to scientific proof.   Councilor Karvoski asked how long would this take.  It sounded like this would not require a lot of time. 

Roland stated that this would involve an area that is determined to not impact our springs by scientific evidence.  Roland did not know why the developer needed 30 acres rezoned but the settlement would only include the area that we know for certain does not flow to our springs.

Councilor Christman felt that we needed to know where the septic system would be since the drain field needed to be northerly so it can run downhill.  Michele stated that a year ago 30 acres was the amount the Forest Service was requesting so that they had adequate pasture.

Councilor Karvoski asked if we have heard from our hydrologist.   Roland and Sadie both stated that he has submitted a letter, and he will be involved in the process of testing the water tables,

Marc Stauffer asked who is paying for this.  The developer will be paying for the test wells.

Roland asked permission from the council to propose a verbal  settlement upon the findings of the hydrologist.     Councilor Karvoski made a motion to allow Roland to proceed with negotiations with S&V Properties Attorney.  Councilor Christman seconded that motion, motion passed unanimously.


                                                                                                                Margie Shaw, Mayor




Michele R. Young, City Admin./Recorder