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Special Meeting July 30, 2013

The Enterprise City Council met in special session on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 5:15 pm. Those present were Mayor Margie Shaw; Councilors Stacey Karvoski, Laura Miller, Larry Christman, Jenni Word; City Administrator Michele Young.

Absent: Councilors Tim Parks and Bill Coffin

Mayor Shaw opened the meeting stating we were here to hold an Executive Session as allowed by ORS 192.660(2)(e) to discuss real property transactions.

Public Session Closed.

Mayor Shaw re-opened the Public Session. Councilor Karvoski made a motion to make a final offer to Rob DeSpain in the amount of $71,000 for the purchase of the property adjacent to the current firehall. Councilor Miller was not in favor of paying the additional $1,000 but stated she would vote for it. Councilor Christman seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Michele stated that she wanted a decision from the council on financing of the property. We could go with a flat rate for 15 years borrowing $60,000 at 4.5% or we could do a 5 year adjust rate for 15 years (interest would be adjusted every 5 years). Michele stated she was not totally sure of the rate but thought it was at 2.75%. Michele stated the price difference would be around $500 per year and recommendation would be to do the 5 year adjust. Councilor Karvoski recommended that we do the lesser of the two and take our chances on the interest. Councilor Christman made a motion to go with the 5 years adjusted rate, Councilor Word seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourn.


Margie Shaw, Mayor



Michele R. Young, City Admin./Recorder