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Minutes- 12/09/2019

December 9, 2019- Enterprise City Council Meeting

The Enterprise City Council held a work session beginning at 6:00PM for the purpose of discussing items between Staff and Council.

Mayor Karvoski opened the public meeting for the Enterprise City Council at 6:30PM. Those present were; Mayor Stacey Karvoski, Councilor Chris Pritchard, Councilor Bruce Bliven, Councilor Jenni Word, Councilor David Elliott, Councilor Micah Agnew, Councilor Larry Christmas. Staff present; City Administrator Lacey McQuead, Public Works Director Ronnie Neil, Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch, Police Chief Joel Fish, Fire Chief Paul Karvoski.

Guests present; Officer George Kohlhepp, Kevin McQuead, Kyle Hacker, Andie Lueders, and press Bill Bradshaw (Wallowa County Chieftain). 




Councilor Christman made a motion to approve the November 18th City Council minutes and the November 2019 Accounts Payable Register. Councilor Pritchard asked for an explanation of the $20,000 payment to Bank of Eastern Oregon. Lacey explained that it is the payment for the fire truck. Councilor Pritchard seconded the motion to approve the consent items. Motion passed unanimously.


Bill Bradshaw asked what the moment of silence held at the beginning of the meeting is for. Councilor Agnew explained the Council’s reasoning for the moment of silence.


City Administrator stated that she provided the council with a copy of her report prior to the meeting. No additions, questions or comments.

Fire Chief Paul Karvoski informed the council that he provided his report prior to the meeting and added that it had been a pretty slow month.

Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch provided her report prior to the meeting. She noted that they have opened the position for Library Assistant, as her current assistant will be leaving towards the end of December. She explained that the position is open until the 30th of December. Denine informed the Council that there was a Library Committee meeting in the basement of the library at 4:00PM Thursday.

Police Chief Joel Fish informed the council that he provided his report via email prior to the meeting. He asked that he have a moment to recognize an employee. Chief Fish called George Kohlhepp up and presented him with a Letter of Commendation for his de-escalation skills shown during a recent incident. Chief Fish read the Letter of Commendation and thanked Officer George Kohlhepp for his exemplary actions.

Public Works Director Ronnie Neil informed the council that his crew has been working on getting the downtown prepared for Winterfest. It has been a quiet month, so during the down time, they have been working on the picnic tables for the park. No questions or comments for Ronnie.


Lacey explained that she made the corrections as approved by the City Council during the November meeting. She stated that we removed golf carts from the Ordinance, as it was not recommended to include them in an ATV Ordinance. Further, she changed the age to allow for 16 years and older, changed the helmet restriction to anyone under 18 (driver or passenger), and confirmed with City Attorney Wyatt Baum that Section 1.06 of the Ordinance does relieve the City from liability should something occur. Denine asked why the helmet requirement was only for those under the age of 18. Councilor Agnew and Councilor Pritchard explained the prior discussion about allowing it to be a choice for those over the age listed. Mayor Karvoski read Ordinance No. 593, an ordinance authorizing the operation of all-terrain vehicles on certain streets located within the boundaries of the City of Enterprise. Councilor Elliott made a motion to approve Ordinance No. 593. Councilor Christman seconded the motion. Roll Call Vote, Councilor Bliven voted in opposition. Motion passed. Mayor Karvoski explained that the ordinance would go into effect in 30 days.

RATES RESOLUTION-Tabled for January meeting

Lacey explained that she is asking the rate resolution to be tabled until the January meeting to allow for more time to gather comparisons. Mayor Karvoski asked to include general utilities, testing and chemical costs, etc. in the comparison table. Councilor Agnew recommended providing a bullet point list explaining where the increases are shown. Councilor Elliott asked if Lacey could have the requested information put together by the January meeting. Lacey stated she would.


Lacey explained that the Chieftain has been sent the required public notice that must be advertised for two weeks. There will be a time scheduled just before the January council meeting to hear any public input from the citizens.


Andie Lueders explained the letter submitted to the City Council prior to the meeting. She stated they are asking for $600 to help with the cost to move the storage shed. Councilor Elliott stated that he had concerns for paying another $600 for lack of planning and/or communication between the Ice Rink and the City of Enterprise. He asked that there be a better line of communication and better planning for future needs. Also explained in the letter is the need for a new rink liner. Councilor Word explained she would rather the City of Enterprise support the purchase of a liner. Councilor Word made a motion to contribute $1,000 from the Enterprise Opportunity Fund to the Wallowa County Ice Rink for the purpose of purchasing a new liner as described in the letter. Councilor Agnew asked if this was in addition to the money requested from the CETRA application. Lacey stated it was in addition to the award of the CETRA Grant. Councilor Agnew seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Lacey explained that every year the City Council gives $25.00 Buckskin Bucks to staff and volunteers for the City of Enterprise. She is asking the council to decide if this is something they would like to continue. Councilor Elliott asked if we can have a motion that does not include the Councilors. Councilor Christman stated that he believes it should be done the same as it has been done for many years. Councilor Christman made a motion to approve the giving of Buckskin Bucks to the City of Enterprise staff and volunteers, to include the City Council. Councilor Agnew seconded the motion. Councilor Agnew explained that he has volunteered for many groups and sometimes the small tokens of appreciation, even though it might be monetary, goes a long way. Denine stated that there have been many people who donated theirs. There is always the option of giving to the foodbank or something similar. Councilor Elliott explained that he would rather it go to those that are on social security/limited income, rather than have the $25.00. Councilor Karvoski asked for a vote. Councilor Elliott was in opposition of the motion. Motion passed.


Councilor Karvoski stated the next meeting is January 13th, 2020.

With no further business, meeting adjourned.