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Minutes 07-15-2019

July 15, 2019

The Enterprise City Council held a work session beginning at 6:00pm, for the purposes of discussing items between staff and council. During the work session, council scheduled a special meeting for Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 at 5:15pm.

Mayor Karvoski opened up the public hearing for the Enterprise City Council meeting at 6:30PM. Those present; Mayor Karvoski, Council Members Larry Christman, Micah Agnew, Chris Pritchard, Dave Elliott, and Jenni Word. Absent was City Councilor Bruce Bliven. Staff present; Public Works Director Ronnie Neil, City Administrator Lacey McQuead, Police Chief Joel Fish, Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch.


Councilor Christman made a motion to approve the May 20, 2019 budget meeting minutes, the June 10, 2019 council meeting minutes, the June 19, 2019 budget hearing minutes and the June 19, 2019 special meeting minutes. Councilor Word seconded the motion. No further discussion, motion passed unanimously.


Lynn Gross, US senses bureau: Lynn handed out a folder with information pertaining to the Census coming up. She works for the US Census as the Partnership Specialist with Eastern Oregon. She explained that her job is to take information to the cities in Eastern Oregon about the upcoming Census. In the packet is a PowerPoint explaining the Census process, with specifics on Wallowa County and the City of Enterprise. April 1st, 2020 is Census day. Lynn explained that the goal with this Census is to count everyone once and in the right place. In order to do that they are going to allow people to respond via the internet and via phone, as well as the paper copy and going door to door. Lynn explained the statistics for our State, County, and City, pointing out the opportunity for more funding with correct numbers being received. Along with the packet, she gave Mayor Karvoski a sheet explaining ways the City of Enterprise could participate in the Census. Mayor Karvoski asked Lacey to fill out the form, marking the areas the City could participate, and submit to Lynn the following day.


City Administrator Lacey McQuead submitted her report prior to the meeting. She added that she had just returned from the OCCMA Conference, which was very educational. She further explained that the Open House is coming up and anyone who could participate (by bringing salads, setting up, etc.) would be greatly appreciated. No further questions or comments.

Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch submitted her report prior to the meeting. She explained that the Saturday numbers are increasing consistently. Denine stated that she is interested to see how things change as fall comes. No further questions or comments.

Paul Karvoski, Enterprise Fire Chief: Paul was present in the work session and explained some updates with his department but was unable to be present for the council meeting due to an event at the fire hall.

Enterprise Police Chief Joel Fish submitted his report and reviewed the statistics with council. He explained that they have written more tickets recently due to speeding. Chief Fish informed the City Council that Officer Curtis is back to fulltime.

Public Works Director Ronnie Neil submitted his report prior to the meeting. He explained that the crew is nearing completion of painting the parking spaces and crosswalks. They have spent a significant amount of time cleaning culverts and will begin working on the spreader box to prepare for the asphalt plant to open. Ronnie explained that they have purchased the truck discussed at the prior council meetings, but are waiting for a meeting with the seller to complete the paperwork. He further explained that the Greenwood Street Project is in process and they are currently working on the curbs.



Fire Hall Update: Business for the fire hall update has been moved to the meeting scheduled next week in order to allow for an executive session.


Unsafe Buildings: We received a letter from the owner of the structure at 206 SW May Street that a contractor has been scheduled to begin demolition in approximately 2 weeks. Ronnie informed the council that the other two dangerous structures have not had any change. Lacey stated that she will contact legal counsel with more direction on how to move forward.


Lacey explained that after meeting with Chief Fish they have successfully put together a job description for a Code Enforcement Officer/Administrative Support Specialist. Lacey stated that this position will be required to perform grant writing and code updates as well as enforcement and staff support for the Police Chief. Council agreed with the job description and the beginning hourly wage recommended. Lacey stated that with approval from council, the position will be posted within the week.



Ronnie explained that this is a resolution specific for the Small City Allotment Grant process. Ronnie spoke with Michael Barry at ODOT prior to completing the application. Michael directed Ronnie to apply for the grant with the focus being chip seal. The streets listed on the SCA Grant are the ones that will be chip sealed during the project, should the grant be awarded. Mayor Karvoski read Resolution No. 645. Councilor Elliott asked what stage of deterioration qualifies as detrimental to safety. Ronnie explained that the City is applying for the grant in order to try and avoid the streets becoming unsafe and aiding in the longevity. Councilor Pritchard made a motion to approve Resolution No. 645. Councilor Christman seconded the motion. Councilor Agnew voted in opposition of Resolution No. 645. Motion passed.


Lacey explained the event permit for the open house which will take place on August 3rd at 11:00AM. Councilor Word made a motion to approve the event permit as explained by Lacey. Council Elliott seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Lacey explained to the Council that the last few events that have taken place in the City have ended with a call out for Public Works. She explained that a call out is a guaranteed 3 hours to the employee who is called out. She explained that enclosed in the council packet is a copy of two new forms; one for an event permit that does not require a street closure and the other is specific to a street or sidewalk closure. Both of the applications included require a different type of approval. She is requesting that each one require a charge of $25.00 for the permit itself, plus a clear understanding of extra charges should the applicant call out the Public Works Department. Councilor Elliott added that the street closure and event permit should require an initial by the explanation of charges for callout. Councilors agreed. Councilor Word asked for a correction on one form that lists sergeant instead of chief. Councilor Word also recommended adding language explaining an unplanned request and the cost associated with that request. With the corrections made and the acknowledgement initials added, council agreed moving forward with these forms was best. Councilor Elliott further recommended placing an actual amount that the applicant would be charged upon a call-out request to public works. Council agreed.


Tim Peck presented his proposal for a public safety interoperable communications project, with emphasis on the consulting/planning portion of the project. Mr. Peck explained the idea of the design and the reasons why this is necessary for the community, including lack of service for the current radio systems, safety of emergency response personnel, and the limited capacity for multi-unit/multi-agency responses. Attached with this information is a letter from the leaders of the Wallowa County public safety committee showing support, signed by the Wallowa County Sheriff, Enterprise Police Chief, Wallowa County Emergency Manager, Joseph Fire Chief, Mayor and Fire Chief for the City of Wallowa and the EMS Director Tim Peck. Also included on the letter of support were signatures by the Wallowa County Commissioners and CEO for the Wallowa Memorial Hospital. Mr. Peck explained that funding needed at this time is specific for the planning and engineering design of the new system. He stated that he was denied the grant previously due to misunderstanding on a question included in the application. Mr. Peck explained that Wallowa Memorial Hospital has committed to provide up to one third the cost for the engineering. He explained that they would like to get the grant to complete the engineering design by October in order to get the grant application submitted next February. Councilor Elliott asked if they had an idea of what the hardware would be. Mr. Peck stated that they would not have an idea until after the engineering plans have been completed. He explained that the company they contract with, Federal Engineering, Inc., will come out and survey the entire county’s existing emergency system and will provide the topographic information at that point. Mr. Peck explained that the Federal Engineering, Inc. agency seems to fairly agnostic about the brands, focusing on how we, as a county, need to communicate. He stated that the ultimate goal is that every responding emergency personnel have the ability to get communicated efficiently and effectively. Mayor Karvoski explained that every year the grant funding is only available for specific projects. Is there any guarantee that there will be funds available for this kind of grant? Mr. Peck stated that there are no guarantees, but this type of grant has been funded every year for over a decade. Councilor Pritchard stated that his primary concern is whether or not the City of Enterprise even has funding available to support this. Lacey explained that through previous conversation with Mayor Karvoski, there has been a question about the use of Opportunity Funds, but we have to have a conversation with the auditor is that is something we are interested in looking into. Council recommended Lacey have a conversation with the auditor and allow for more discussion at the special meeting scheduled for next week. Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch asked if Mr. Peck completed inquiries with other engineering firms to compare the cost. Mr. Peck explained that the other quote received was significantly larger, but there was some added information requested. Councilor Pritchard stated that he felt it important to include the other Cities and Wallowa County as well and see what they would be willing to come up with. Councilor Christman agreed, explaining that everyone needs to contribute, it can’t just come from the Hospital, the City of Enterprise, and possible Wallowa County. Mr. Peck explained that he is scheduled with the City of Wallowa tomorrow night present the same information to them. Mayor Karvoksi stated that whether or not we move forward in not an issue of whether or not we support the project. This is a great project that the county needs, but it’s more where the money is going to come from. Council made the decision to table the decision, have conversation with the auditor, and discuss further at the meeting the following week.


Cathy Sterbentz requested time to speak at the Enterprise City Council with regard to her neighbors riding their ATV at all times of the day, for hours on end. Cathy explained that they spend the day racing them and running the dog around. She explained that she believes it violated the City of Enterprise noise Ordinance (Section 9.12.230-Unnecessary Noises Prohibited). Cathy read Section 9.12.230(a) “It is unlawful for any person to create, assist in creating, permit, continue, or permit the continuance of any loud, disturbing or unnecessary noise in the City of Enterprise.” Cathy stated that she believes this noise caused by the ATV falls under the ordinance and is disturbing and unnecessary. Cathy further explained that she had heard that the City is possibly in the process of re-writing portions of the Municipal Code and thought it would be a good time to consider reviewing this Ordinance and ban the use of ATV’s inside the city limits. Councilor Elliott stated that the allowed noise decibel is 99, explaining that the decibel level is a measurement that you use to measure the level of sound. He further stated that he guarantees these machines are not exceeding the allowed level of 99. Councilor Agnew stated that he uses an app on his phone that measures the decibel levels. If she (Cathy) has concern that they are exceeding the allowed level, he recommends going out while they are riding them, and measure what the level is. Councilor Christman asked how she felt about motorcycles. She stated she does not have an issue with motorcycles. Councilor Pritchard stated that he is not sure anything can be done, especially if this is taking place on their private property. Chief Fish stated that they have a right to ride on their private property and he does not have the authority to tell them they can’t. Cathy suggested a noise park being put in outside the city limits. Councilor Elliott stated that there is space out in the timber. Chief Fish stated that he is not going to fuss at the neighbors over this complaint. Cathy thanked the council for their time and stated that she had hoped for more understanding from the Council.


Lacey explained that the same day she was notified about the complaint from Ms. Sterbentz, she was also asked to place the idea of allowing for the use of ATV’s and golf carts on the streets of the City of Enterprise. She spoke with City Attorney Wyatt Baum regarding the process they would need to go through. Wyatt put together a draft ordinance explaining what would be included. The council had questions regarding what could and could not be allowed as far as a possible work permit, reduction of age limit, etc. Councilor Christman suggested to Lacey that she make contact with Pilot Rock asking what their ordinance consists of. Council decided to try and gather more information, including reaching out to other cities, prior to making a decision on how to move forward.


Councilor Elliott asked to have further discussion regarding the presentation given by Mr. Peck. He stated that he is concerned about the benefit the City of Enterprise will receive and whether or not the citizens should have to pay for something that is going to have greater benefit for the County. He asked if this was something that meant the current system was beyond repair. Councilor Word stated that an upgrade is needed and that the system has been pieced together. Councilor Elliott stated that it is important to see what everyone else is going to give. If the County does not support the project, then the City of Enterprise would have a difficult time explaining why we would. Conversation to be continued at the meeting next week.

EVENT PERMIT-BUILDING HEALTHY FAMILIES-Table until City Council Meeting in August due to incomplete application.

NEXT MEETING DATE:    July 24th @ 5:15PM

                                                August 12th @ 6:30PM

No further business. Meeting adjourned.