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Minutes 06-10-2019

June 10, 2019

The Enterprise City Council held a work session beginning at 6:00PM, for the purpose of discussing items between staff and council.

Mayor Karvoski opened up the public hearing for the Enterprise City Council meeting at 6:30PM. Those present; Mayor Karvoski, Council Members Larry Christman, Micah Agnew, Chris Pritchard, Dave Elliott, and Bruce Bliven. Absent was City Councilor Jenni Word. Staff present; Public Works Director Ronnie Neil, City Administrator Lacey McQuead, Fire Chief Paul Karvoski, Police Chief Joel Fish, Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch.

Guests Present: Gina Birkmaier.


Councilor Christman made a motion to approve the consent items. Councilor Pritchard seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously. 


Administrative Report: City Administrator reviewed the report submitted to the City Council prior to the meeting. No questions or comments.

Fire Report: Fire Chief Paul Karvoski stated that his report was submitted prior to the meeting but he would answer any questions. Paul noted that along with flooding in the City Hall over Memorial Day Weekend, the Fire Hall also had flooding, specifically from under the door and the vents in the bays. No questions or comments.

Library Report: Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch submitted her report prior to the meeting. She explained that there was not a board meeting for the month of May, as the budget meeting took place on the same night of the regularly scheduled meeting. No questions or comments.

Police Report: In addition to the report given to the Council prior to the meeting, Police Chief Joel Fish explained that he anticipates more training taking place at the range due to requirements changing with DPSST. No questions or comments.

Public Works Report: Public Works Director Ronnie Neil reviewed the information in his report and announced the new hire for Public Works. On Friday, June 7th, the interview committee selected Andrew Polumsky for the maintenance worker position. Councilor Christman asked Ronnie to compliment his crew on the amount of time and effort put in during the storm on Memorial Day. Councilor Agnew asked Lacey to purchase a card for the Council to sign, thanking Ronnie and his crew for their efforts. No questions or comments.


Lacey explained that at the previous council meeting, members of the Wallowa County Farmer’s Market submitted a request for a street closure for purposes of holding a market the same night as the Courthouse Concert Series. The Council requested they ask the County for permission to use the lawn. Shortly following the meeting, the Farmer’s Market submitted a new request, which did not include a street closure, but instead using parking spaces on the south side of Main Street. The event permit has been approved and signed off by Public Works, Fire Chief, Police Chief, and Lacey.


Fire Chief Paul Karvoski explained that everything is nearing completion. He stated that they are still a couple weeks out on the countertops, but are hoping to start moving in by the end of the week. Paul stated that they were still waiting on the part for the generator and both the City Hall and Fire Hall had yet to pass full inspection. No questions or comments.


Lacey stated that her and Mayor Karvoski reviewed the applications for the Anderson Perry Scholarship Award and selected Adagia Latta as the recipient. She was given the award during the graduation ceremony in May.


Gina Birkmaier, representing the OK Theatre Centennial Event, explained the permit, focusing on the street closures requested for both Friday and Saturday. Denine Rautenstrauch asked if they intend to close the street and require payment to enter and if so, have the vendors on Main Street been notified of this and are they okay with it. Gina stated that she hasn’t discussed that with Darrell. Councilor Elliott stated that he has great concern regarding Umpqua Bank access on Friday afternoon. He recommended finding a way to allow the drive through to stay open during business hours. Lacey recommended to Gina to go back and visit with Darrell regarding these concerns and come up with a remedy before the council approves the permit. Lacey explained that she will make a list of the councils concerns so that Gina has everything written down prior to speaking with Darrell. Decision tabled until further explanations can be given.


Lacey explained that since the new building was constructed and with the use of a large propane tank in the alley, residents of the EM&M building and the Pioneer Guest Home can no longer use the alley area for smoking. The new manager of the EM&M building is requesting permission to place smoking containers in three locations in front of the EM&M building. Council Elliott requested a letter granting permission, with the understanding that they are responsible for any clean up, dumping of the containers, etcetera. Lacey stated that she would a letter notifying them and remind them that they are still required to follow the state law regarding not smoking within a certain distance of entry ways.


Lacey stated that Hanford and Associates will be up mid-July to begin working on the audit. City Auditor Teresa Hanford informed her that they hope to have the audit completed by November.


Ronnie explained to the council that the generator damaged from the vehicle hitting it has been sitting down in the yard for the last couple years. He stated that originally it was covered with a tarp but between the wind and the weather, the tarp didn’t hold up. Ronnie explained that the generator was replaced with a new generator following the accident. Councilor Elliott asked if we could use this damaged one as a back-up generator. Ronnie stated that we are unable to use this generator as a back-up because it is too small. He is asking the council to donate the damaged generator to Wallowa County Search and Rescue. Councilor Christman made a motion to donate the generator to Wallowa County Search and Rescue. Councilor Agnew seconded the motion, adding that the motion be contingent upon the City being allowed to donate it. No further discussion, motion passed unanimously.


Ronnie informed the council of two houses within the city limits that he would deem dangerous buildings. One of the houses is at the end of Greenwood Street (), the other is located on Third Street (). Ronnie handed out pictures to the council, showing the structures and condition of the property. Ronnie stated that he doesn’t think we need to deem them dangerous yet, but would rather the council write letters to the property owners explaining the concerns. Council agreed, recommending we allow for 30 days to receive a response before moving forward with listing them as dangerous. Mayor Karvoski asked Lacey to prepare the letters for her signature. Councilor Elliott asked to make sure the chapter from the Municipal Code is attached to the letter.

Denine Rautenstrauch stated that there have been complaints regarding the building on the corner of Main and River Street, owned by McKee Brothers. Lacey explained that Andy just recently received a large grant for that building so she anticipates progress soon. Councilor Pritchard stated that we cannot continue to wait for the front to be fixed. Denine stated that it is a horrible site and he needs to be asked to fix it up. Councilor Elliott stated that its time to contact City Attorney Wyatt Baum and see if there is anything we can do. Mayor Karvoski stated that it has been almost a year since we did the walk through and there has not been any progress to the outside of the building yet. Council asked Lacey to make contact with legal counsel and see if there is anything we can do.

Stihl Shop on Highway 3: Council shared concern regarding the awning at the old Stihl shop on Highway 3. Council requested Lacey send a letter to the owner requesting something be done as it is becoming dangerous.


Lacey reminded the council of the Budget Hearing scheduled for June 19th @ 6:00PM.

Next City Council meeting July 15th. Lacey informed the council that this is a week later than the normal scheduled meeting due to a conference she will be attending.

No further business. Meeting adjourned.