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Minutes 02-11-2019

City Council Meeting February 11, 2019

The Enterprise City Council held a work session from 6:00PM to 6:30PM for the purposes of discussion business between staff and council members.

Mayor Karvoski opened the public meeting for the Enterprise City Council at 6:30PM . Those present were Mayor Karvoski, City Council Members; Larry Christman, Dave Elliott, Bruce Bliven, Micah Agnew and Chris Pritchard, Staff; Lacey McQuead, Denine Rautenstrauch, Paul Karvoski, Ronnie Neil, and Joel Fish.

Guests present; Troy Farwell, Keith Wellens, Lacey Gordon, and Amy Wellens. ADDITIONSTO THE AGENDA

No additions.


Councilor Christman made a motion to approve the January payables and minutes as submitted by Lacey McQuead. Councilor Elliott seconded the motion . No further discussion, motion passed unanimously.




City Administrator gave her report, highlighting the points listed on the previously submitted report enclosed in the council packet. Denine asked if she could come to the upcoming public hearing for the Enterprise Planning Commission and share her concerns. Lacey stated that she was allowed to do so as it had direct impact on the library parking area . No further questions or comments .

Fire Chief Paul Karvoski informed the council that he had provided them with a copy of his report in the council packet and was available to answer any questions the council had. No questions or comments.

Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch stated that she submitted her report and statistics prior to the meeting. Councilor Agnew asked where the job announcement for the open position of Library Assistant was posted. Denine said it was on the Library Facebook, City of Enterprise Website, and Lacey shared it on the City of Enterprise Facebook page as well. Mayor Karvoski asked about the recently completed survey . Denine explained the survey regarding customers ideas on services offered by the Library. She stated that there were 66 survey's received.

Police Chief Joel Fish explained his report that was submitted to the City Council in the council packet prior to the meeting. He stated that he currently attended a training in Seaside. Councilor Agnew thanked the Enterprise Police Department for their assistance during a recent emergency

situat ion. He asked that emergency services be recognized for the incredible job they do. Councilor Pritchard asked about the lack of a speed sign on Hurricane Creek. Chief Fish explained that there is more of an issue with people coming into Enterprise, so there isn't as much of a need in  that specific location.


Lacey reminded the council members that the deadline was coming up for the completion of Department Head evaluations. She asked that upon completion, the final evaluation be submitted to her that the City Hall.



Lacey explained that scholarship opportunity that was being given to a student from the Enterprise High School. She asked for volunteers for a committee to review the applications once received.

Mayor Karvoski and Counci lor Christman will review the applications and make a recommendation. Lacey stated that she would make contact with Lisa Farwel l this week and ask how she would like to get notice to the seniors and have an update for them at next month's council meeting.


Lacey explained that this was a request for an approval on a resolution asking for the City of Enterprise to show support in encouraging Congress to create a reliable, predictable stream of resources to address deferred maintenance in the National Park System. Councilor Bliven stated when reviewing the information provided by Lacey prio r to the meeting, there is a large concern regarding the distribution of funds for the money requested. He feels that the explanation for the request is masking what the money would really be used for. Councilor Pritchard agreed, adding that the funds are allocated to a significant amount of other projects other than the maintenance of parks. Councilor Agnew stated that after reviewing the document, he is not sure it is the

responsibility of the City Council to weigh in on this. The City Council collectively decided against the approval of the draft resolut ion .


Lacey explained that City Office Specialist Gina Birkmaier is requesting support from the Council in regards to a summer celebration of 130 years for the City of Enterprise. She stated that the OK Theatre is also doing a celebration this year and the two events would essentially be together.

Council agreed to support Gina on moving forward and planning this event with Darrell Brann. FUTURE MEETINGS

Mayor Karvoski announced the next City Council meeting is scheduled for March 11th, work-session to begin at 6:00pm and regular meeting to begin at 6:30pm.


Mayor Karvoski announced the fo llow ing:

The Enterprise City Council will hold an Executive Session as allowed by ORS 192.660(2)(f) to consider information of records that are exempt by law from public inspection.  The City wi ll re­ open public session at the end of the Executive Session.

Executive Session closed, Public Meeting opened. No decision made. No further business, meeting adjourned.



Stacey Karvoski, Mayor




Lacey McQuead, City Administrator