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Minutes: January 14th Supplemental Budget Hearing

Supplemental Budget Hearing- January 14, 2019

Mayor Karvoski opened the Supplemental Budget Hearing at 6:00PM. Those present were Mayor Stacey Karvoski, Council Members Larry Christman, Chris Pritchard, Jenni Word, and Dave Elliott. Staff Ronnie Neil, Lacey McQuead, Joel Fish, Paul Karvoski.

Guests present; MorningStar Kohlhepp and Shawn Young.

Mayor Karvoski asked Lacey to explain the changes in the budget. Lacey and council reviewed the supplemental budget as submitted, separately reviewing the changes in each fund.

Mayor Karvoski read Resolution No. 642, a resolution of the City Council of the City of Enterprise, Wallowa County, Oregon, adopting the fiscal year 2018-19 Supplemental Budget, as presented by Lacey McQuead, Budget Officer for the City of Enterprise.

Mayor Karvoski asked for further discussion, questions, or comments. Nothing further.

Council Christman made a motion to pass the supplemental budget, Resolution No. 642 as submitted by Lacey McQuead and read by Mayor Karvoski. Councilor Word seconded the motion. Nothing further. Roll-call vote. Motion passed unanimously.

Supplemental Budget Hearing closed at 6:13PM.

                                                                                                              see council minute book #8 for signed original

                                                                                                                Stacey Karvoski, Mayor


see council minute book #8 for signed original

Lacey J. McQuead, City Administrator