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Minutes October 8, 2018

City Council October 8, 2018

The Enterprise City Council held a Work session from 7:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. for the purpose of discussing the following items between staff and council: purchase of iPads or tablets for the City Council members, Valley Heights Subdivision connection rate, expectations for downtown, storm drain system, and council committees.

Mayor Stacey Karvoski opened the public meeting for the Enterprise City Council meeting at 7:30pm. Those present were Mayor Karvoski, Councilors Jenni Word, Ashley Sullivan, Dave Elliott, Larry Christman, Chris Pritchard; Staff Lacey McQuead, Denine Rautenstrauch, Joel Fish, and Ronnie Neil.

Guests present were Wendy Stewart, Maria Weer, Jill Dougherty, and Andie Lueders.

Press: Kathleen Ellen, Wallowa Co. Chieftain.

Pledge of Allegiance





Councilor Christman made a motion to approve the September Payables and the September Council Minutes. Councilor Word seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Maria Weer from Building Healthy Families introduced herself and staff member Jill Dougherty. Maria explained that Building Healthy Families (BHF) is located on NE Park and Second Street. She stated that they have alternative education, young children, and a large amount of staff. There is also a daycare immediately across the street. Maria explained that last week they kept county on the amount of people who entered and exited the building, an average of 89 people/day. She stated that due to the increase in foot and vehicle traffic, they would like a crosswalk or signs put in to show that this is a school zone. Maria stated this concern has come up at their safety meetings four or five times. She brought a letter from Angela, manager of the daycare across the street. Angela has the same concern. There are children that are able to get out of the gate and very little time for a driver to react if a child were to walk into the road, especially when traveling in between 25-30 MPH. Mayor Karvoski stated that many people who drive through there don’t stop at the stop sign. They think it is a through street. Public Works Director Ronnie Neil stated that he and Chief Fish have been looking into some of the options. They have a couple signs they think will work. Ronnie agreed that having a crosswalk down there would be beneficial. Councilor Christman state that he would like to see one across First Street as well. Councilor Word stated that she would like the council to provide signs to BHF, instead of requesting they pay for them. Mayor Karvoski stated that the area has changed. It is not a school zone and needs to be treated as such. She asked Chief Fish if it was possible to make that area a school zone. Maria Weer volunteered her time to research the area and see what needs to be done to make this a legal school zone. Councilor Word stated that in the meantime, putting signs and crosswalks in would be best. Councilor Pritchard made a motion to approve the purchase of two 20MPH School Zone signs, designating that area as a school zone. Councilor Christman seconded the motion, no further discussion. Motion passed unanimously.


Administrative Report

City Administrator Lacey McQuead read from her report. Lacey explained the issues taking place with the post office, including the new 59 cent charge from the post office every time a letter is returned. Lacey explained that Office Specialist Gina Birkmaier is suggesting to the council that we no longer use the pre-sorted stamp and instead, push the mail through the stamp machine. She explained that at one point, using the presorted stamp was a cost savings for the City of Enterprise. However, with the changes that have taken place, we are spending more on the returns and resending than we are saving for the pre-sorted. Council agreed with the suggestion to no longer use the pre-sorted stamp and instead use the postage machine when sending out statements and other bulk mailing.

Lacey explained that after the fire, the Ricoh copy machine was never replaced. Ricoh came and picked up the burned machine, but we paid it off and never received a replacement or new contract for a new machine. She explained that the amount we are spending on ink for the copiers/printers in the office is astronomical compared to the cost we would pay if we contracted with Ricoh. Lacey asked the council’s approval in moving forward with a new contract according to the quote Lacey provided the council. Council approved moving forward and entering a new contract with Ricoh for a new machine in the City Hall.

Lacey stated that the City just completed the annual SAIF Audit. She explained that it went well and they are anticipating a good report soon. Lacey explained that last week the annual audit started with the new auditor, Teresa Hanford. Mayor Karvoski informed the council that she met with Teresa and thinks she is going to be a great fit for the City. Lacey agreed.

Public Works Report

Public Works Director Ronnie Neil stated that they just finished striping for parking and the drain catch basins. He explained that there are some issues with one of the catch basins in front of the Range Rider, but they are working on a plan to fix it. Ronnie explained that we are still waiting for the approval of the water rights, but he is hoping to have that soon. Ronnie stated that the airport lighting project in nearing completion explaining that there is a final walk through scheduled for the 16th. Ronnie explained that there is a walk-through for the Melville Subdivision tomorrow morning with Brett, Lacey and himself. Ronnie stated that the majority of it is finished but they have some concerns with cracking on the curbs. Councilor Elliott suggested that we make sure we have some kind of warranty on the work since it will become the City’s responsibility soon.


Fire Chief Paul Karvoski did not attend but submitted a report to council prior to the meeting.

Police Department

Police Chief Joel Fish read from the report he submitted. No questions for Chief Fish.


Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch submitted her report prior to council. Denine stated that she has some concerns with the heat in the basement. She stated that upon completing the lift project, part of the heating system was taken out. Now, it is cold in the basement and they use that area for reading time for the children and meetings. She is asking for recommendations from the council on a heating source to supplement the heat. Wendy Stewart recommended the same little heater she uses for her store. She offered her replacement heater for Denine to use to see if it is something that will work. Denine asked Lacey to watch the electric bill over the next month to see what the difference in cost is. No further questions for Denine.


Mayor Karvoski stated that the recommendation of the Grant Committee is to approve the four applicants for the total amount requested. The applicants and amounts are:

GEMS (Winterfest Event)- $2,000.00

Fishtrap (Fishtrap Fireside)- $2,000.00

Wallowa County Ice Rink- $2,000.00

Wallowa County Athletic Network (relocate fencing around baseball field)- $2,000.00

Councilor Christman made a motion to approve the four applicants for the total amount they requested, as recommended by the CETRA Grant Committee. Councilor Sullivan seconded the motion. No further discussion, motion approved unanimously.


Lacey explained that Ronnie and she had a meeting with Kate Fent and Jim Nave regarding the baseball structure. She stated that they have received the grant in full. Lacey explained that during this meeting, it was brought to her and Ronnie’s attention that this is a grant to complete a project fully managed by the City of Enterprise. Lacey stated that originally she was under the impression that the City would administer the financial part of the project and process all grant monies. But after this meeting, she understands that this is a project of the City of Enterprise. Ronnie stated that this means the City is responsible for the bid process, funding process, and maintenance. Councilor Elliott stated that this is not what was presented to the City Council. He explained that during the presentation, he understood that this was their project but they needed to city to process the funds. Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch stated that there was a conversation regarding this during the last meeting that included this discussion. That was not how it was presented. Lacey explained that she brought the agreement between the State of Oregon and the City of Enterprise to the council meeting, but was not asking for an approval of the agreement. Instead, she is recommending sending the information over to Wyatt Baum, asking him what liabilities the City of Enterprise has at this point, and asking for a suggestion moving forward. After Wyatt responds, Lacey would like to sit down with the Park’s Committee and try to come up with some way to move forward. Lacey stated that the amount of support from the community is significant, so keeping this project moving forward is important. Council agreed that we need to send the information off to the attorney and wait for a recommendation or suggestion from him before we make a decision on how to move forward. Lacey will send that information off to Wyatt in the morning.


Mayor Karvoski read the following:

“Resolution Number 635 is a resolution setting rates, connection fees, and other charges for the water and sewer systems of the City of Enterprise, Oregon.”

Lacey explained that this resolution was presented at the meeting in August, but not approved due to the Foster Subdivision charges for new connections. At that meeting, it was asked that Lacey send the resolution over to City Attorney Wyatt Baum for review. Lacey explained that she sent the resolution to Wyatt, as well as an agreement between the City of Enterprise and the owner, made in 1978. After reviewing the documents, Wyatt recommended maintaining the agreement for the discounted rate of connection fees, until the lots listed in the agreement were connection. In a document prepared by Anderson Perry on July 10th 1978, it states “There will be 29 lots in the subdivision, although there are no plans to develop all of the lots immediately.” Wyatt’s recommendation is to maintain the discounted rate on all 29 lots according to the agreement. Once those 29 lots are hooked up to the water, any connections beyond the 29, will be at a new rate as decided by the City Council. Councilor Elliott stated that he does not agree with this. He is not in agreeance with allowing a discounted rate to a subdivision, regardless of the when the rate was set. Councilor Christman stated that there isn’t anything the Council can do about it now, not until the 29 lots are connected. Councilor Christman made a motion to approve Resolution No. 635 setting rates, connection fees, and other charges for the water and sewer systems of the City of Enterprise. Councilor Sullivan seconded the motion. Councilor Elliott stated that he would like it on the record that he does not agree with any deals the City of Enterprise were to make regarding special water or sewer rates. No further discussion. Motion passed unanimously.


Wendy Stewart stated that they are coming to the council to ask for certificated from the City of Enterprise for the shopping buses that they do every year. Last year, the City of Enterprise gave each bus $300.00, four $25.00 gift certificated and four $50 gift certificates. She would like to do the same as last year since it was great to have larger certificates for the bus riders to spend. She stated that in prior years they have done smaller gift certificates, but they seemed to not spend all that was given. Last year, the larger certificated were spent and the riders really enjoyed having them. Councilor Elliott recommended giving the same amount as last year, $300.00, four $25.00 gift certificated and four $50 gift certificates, as requested by Wendy. Councilor Word seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.



Lacey explained that this is the same event as we have had in the past. The reason it is before City Council is because it includes a street closure. They will be closing Main Street from River to Second Street. There have not been any changes. Councilor Pritchard made a motion to approve the event permit for Trunk-or-Treat, allowing for the street closure listed about. Councilor Word seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Lacey explained the request submitted from the Claire Street resident. She informed the council of her conversation with the resident, as well as her email from the employee with Oregon Department of Transportation. She shared her concerns with the investigation, solely based on the same investigation happening in Lostine that ultimately caused an increase in speed on the way out of town. Councilor Elliott is concerned that this investigation could cause the speed to be increased, especially past Les Schwab. Councilor Pritchard agrees, stating that he does not want to see the speed increase. Chief Fish explained that he sits up there on a regular basis and there is an issue with speeding. Councilor Elliott suggested not requesting a speed investigation, in hopes to avoid an increase in speed in that area. Council agrees, there will not be a request for a speed investigation submitted to ODOT as requested by the Claire Street resident. 


Lacey explained that Resolution No. 638 is specific to the operating parameters for the current year. She stated that in January, the Enterprise City Council approved the annual operating parameters. Lacey stated that while she would like to wait until January to present a new resolution, the names of signers on the checking accounts have to be updated. The following resolution explains that. Mayor Karvoski read Resolution No. 638. Councilor Pritchard made a motion to approve Resolution No. 638 as read by Mayor Karvoski, Councilor Christman seconded the motion. Roll-Call Vote. Motion passed unanimously.

Mayor Karvoski asked for further discussion

Councilor Christman would like to thank Councilor Sullivan for her time on the Enterprise City Council. He stated that we appreciate all she has done and we are all going to miss her.

No further business. Meeting adjourned.


                                                                                                                Stacey Karvoski, Mayor



Lacey J. McQuead, City Administrator