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Minutes August 13, 2018

City Council August 13, 2018

The Enterprise City Council held a Work session from 7:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. for the purposes of discussing the following items between staff and council: Oath of Office and who has the ability to perform an Oath of Office, Valley Heights Subdivision connection rate, correspondence between Mayor Karvoski and Paul Wahl regarding courthouse clock, discussion on colors of new building, parking at City Park, and the hiring of Samantha Layne as the Library Assistant.

Mayor Stacey Karvoski opened the public meeting for the Enterprise City Council meeting at 7:30pm. Those present were Mayor Karvoski, Councilors Jenni Word, Ashley Sullivan, Micah Agnew, Dave Elliott, Larry Christman; Staff Lacey McQuead, Denine Rautenstrauch, Joel Fish, Ronnie Neil.

Guests present were Sondra Lozier, Debbie Kellerman, Irene Bates, Malia Melody, Marty Thompson, Jason Testerman, and Robert McQuead.

Press: Kathleen Ellen, Wallowa Co. Chieftain.

Pledge of Allegiance


Moment of Reflection


Vandalism Letter from Josef Ramirez.

Courthouse Clock


Councilor Sullivan made a motion to approve the July Payables and the July 9th, 2018 Council Minutes. Councilor Christman seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Malia Melody-City Charter: Malia explained that elections are coming up and the City of Enterprise has seats available. She explained that if there were seats available that were not going to be filled, her concerns were that the Charter did not allow filing for anyone outside of the city limits. She explained that she has an Enterprise address, but resides out of the city limits. Malia read ORS 221.160 (2), which in summary states that if all positions on the City Council become vacant, the governing body for the county in which the City maintains its seat of government shall immediately appoint enough people to form a quorum. She explained that if we do not change the City Charter and open up the options for citizens with Enterprise addresses, regardless of whether they reside inside the city limits, to file for a City Council position, then we are giving the county too much power. Malia stated that we can strengthen the City Charter by changing it to allow this, should such a situation occur. Malia further explained that she would like the City Council to consider limiting the terms allowed for each council position.

Councilor Elliott explained that he did mind having it set at two consecutive terms, but there are more issues with the idea of opening up to outside residents. He stated that one can only imagine that over the years, the council could potentially consist of all outside residents, meaning the all decisions based on the best interest of the citizens of Enterprise would be decided by non-citizens. Councilor Christman asked if she realized the amount of people outside the city limits that have post office boxes in the Enterprise Post Office. Malia stated that the council is limiting people that want to volunteer and help the City of Enterprise. Councilor Elliott stated that by allowing this, the council is setting a precedence that becomes uncontrollable. Councilor Agnew explained that when he and his wife were looking into buying a house, the majority of the houses they like were outside the city limits. He stated that he believes this is something he is supposed to do, so they no longer continued to look outside the city limits. It is a choice you have to make. 

Councilor Elliott explained he would not have a problem limiting the terms in which a councilor can consecutively serve. Mayor Karvoski stated that she would. She explained that it takes a long time to understand the process of things within the City of Enterprise. One term is not enough and by two terms, you are really just beginning to become comfortable. Councilor Sullivan agreed. Malia thanked the council for taking the time to hear her presentation.

Deb Kellerman-Downtown: Deb Kellerman introduced herself and explained that she is here tonight because of the concerns that quite a few business owners have downtown, regarding Main Street. She explained that it has been fading away for many years now and in the past six to seven months, it just seems like it is falling apart. The tourist come through this year stop in shock of what has happened and we do not have any answers. Deb explained that the foot traffic alone on Main Street is almost nonexistent. She explained that even before all the remodeling projects this past year, the pride is just not there anymore. She stated that they have put in a lot of hours, tried to bring it back, but it didn’t seem like it got them anywhere so they got burned out on it. Deb stated she did not have the answers and she was out of ideas so was hoping the City Council could help come up with ways to bring Main Street back. Councilor Elliott stated that downtown is very important and he completely agrees with the negative look of the building but does not know what can be done. Mayor Karvoski asked if it would help for the City Council to write a letter to the business owners who have their properties under construction, explaining that they are displeased with the way Main Street looks. Councilor Word stated that it would be best to just go in, not being overly confrontational, and visit with Andy McKee regarding the issues. Mayor Karvoski stated that it would help tremendously if Andy cleaned up the windows. Kathleen Ellen asked about the other buildings, explaining that Andy McKee’s building is one of many under construction. Lacey explained that she has previously spoken to Andy and he is welcoming a walk through from council of his building, in hopes he can explain his progress and intentions for the future. Mayor Karvoski asked Lacey to get a meeting set up with Andy so the council can complete a walk through.

Sondra Lozier stated that in regards to the other items listed in her letter, we have the issue with the light on the flag, the street lights being out, etc. Ronnie stated that he was not aware of the lights being out and if he is not informed, he cannot fix them, however if you can call him and let him know then he can switch the light bulbs out and we won’t continue to have the same problem. Joel asked about the street signs that have all of the businesses listed on it. Lacey stated that the idea has been brought up before, but nobody moved past it just being an idea. Sondra explained that years ago when they had a study done regarding downtown, a person came in and explained that in the eyes of a tourist, there isn’t many reasons to stop. Because Main Street is off the main road through town, if a tourist doesn’t need fuel at the gas station, a movie at the video store, or anything from the health food store, they just continue through town. She explained that the goal needs to be figuring out a way to direct them during regular business hours to the downtown area. Sondra asked the council if they would ever consider doing a walk-through of Main Street. Council stated they would.

Councilor Christman explained that part of the problem in Enterprise and in Wallowa County is that we had a ton of young families and kids. Now there is a huge drop in the population because we no longer have any economic drive for young families. They have to go where they can survive. Councilor Sullivan stated that there are a lot of new young families moving in, so maybe now is the change we have been waiting for. Councilor Agnew stated that the city needed to continue to work on the mission statement for the City of Enterprise. Having a mission statement is important and can help in deciding which way to move forward. He explained that he recently read a bulletin from the League of Oregon Cities, talking about how the public sector has really been at status quo. Over the last few months we have many conversations about codes and ordinances etc. Councilor Agnew explained that one of the things that he and Lacey talked about was doing a strategy session on a new mission statement and start thinking more on the future.

Councilor Sullivan stated that we need to think about doing a downtown day, or a cleanup day. Lacey, Councilor Sullivan and Councilor Agnew will meet next week to talk about future steps, a mission statement, and ways to make downtown more inviting.

Marty Thompson & Jason Testerman- Marijuana Petition: Marty explained that she and Jason were there to present the signed petition by the citizens of the City of Enterprise. She read from a letter she wrote, explaining the benefits of having a dispensary in Enterprise; citizens would not have to travel, money spent would stay here in the County, further explaining that the average amount a person spends to leave the county and travel to a dispensary is $500-$1,000. She continued, explaining that everything is taxed by the state, which in turn kicks back money to the cities. Marty stated that most of the citizens said they feel that the signatures should be enough to change the moratorium, instead of it going to vote. She stated that times change, laws change, cannabis is now legal in the state of Oregon. Marty stated that last winter she and Jason traveled through Oregon on the coast where they talked to citizens, business owners, dispensary owners, and not one person they spoke with had a negative comment in regards to dispensaries within their town. She stated that while at the last meeting, she asked the City Council who among them had read the packet. Nobody raised their hands, so the council has no intention of being educated in regards to marijuana or dispensaries. She stated that she would like to make clear that the dispensary they hope to open will not be downtown or close to any school. Marty went on to say that they received 257 signatures from citizens in Enterprise. She stated that she is here representing those citizens, who have asked her to present this to the Enterprise City Council, lift the moratorium tonight and give this back to the people of the City of Enterprise.

Councilor Elliott stated that this continues to be federally illegal. Marty stated that every other city that has this is reaping the rewards. Councilor Agnew read a report from the Department of Justice dated August 2nd, 2018, by Bill J. Williams, US Attorney.

Dave-How many signatures do you have? Marty- 257. It is going to continue to be black marketed here. Dave-it continues to be federally illegal. Every other city that has this is reaping the rewards. Councilor Agnew read a report from the Department of Justice, dated August 2nd, 2018 from United States Attorney Billy J. Williams titled U.S. ATTORNEY STATEMENT ON RELEASE OF 2018 HIDTA MARIJUANA INSIGHT REPORT.

Marty responded to the article, stating that they have repeatedly tried to get the council to listen but they aren’t. Mayor Karvoski stated that she feels like the citizens should be able to vote. Councilor Elliott agreed. Mayor Karvoski explained that when the moratorium went into place, it was because more than 50% voted against allowing the sales of marijuana. So now, the citizens get a chance to revote. She further stated that it is not up to the council to make the decision on behalf of the citizens when they previously voted against this. Marty handing the signed petition to Lacey.


Administrative Report

Lacey stated she provided the report to the City Council prior to the meeting and is able to answer any questions they have. No questions or comments for administration.

Public Works

Ronnie stated that he received the new pickup and has been driving it around, but is not going to put a decal on it until the council decides what the new decal will look like. Ronnie explained that they have had some issues with the reservoir sensor, ordered the part and Simtek was putting it in. He explained that as far as maintenance, they did some crack sealing on Depot Street, have not finished Main, but did work on Grant. Ronnie stated that they planned on the county starting up their asphalt plant this week, but it is delayed for another week. Once they have it up and running they will start at Range Riders, complete the block in front of the bakery, as well as the block in front of the old Ace Building. He stated that the crew started tearing up the Montclair Street Bridge today and should have it done by Thursday.

Fire Department

Paul submitted report prior to meeting.


Joel read through his report submitted to council prior to the meeting. He stated that the officers helped during Chief Joseph Days, but it stayed pretty calm.


Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch stated that she submitted her report prior to the council meeting. She explained that they hired Samantha Layne as the new Library Assistant and she is very excited to have her there.

Mayor Karvoski stated that she wanted to take a moment and thank the Department Heads for all they do and their continued work within their departments.


Biomass Heating Update: Lacey explained that after the last meeting when Kyle Petroccini presented, the council had asked Kyle to make contact with the City Engineer to see what the process was, and exactly what the cost would be. City Engineer Brett Moore contacted Lacey later in the week and stated that he gave Kyle a couple weeks to come back with a way to help the city pay for the project. Brett explained that the amount given by Kyle during the council meeting only covered the cost of the supplies, not the cost for the contractors, the engineer, or the hours spent. Kyle had not made contact with Brett since that conversation, and now we are out of time. We have to continue to move forward with the construction of the City Hall/Fire Hall.

Library Information: Denine explained that the council needs to address whether or not the City would like to charge a fee for visitors who are not residents of Enterprise. Denine stated that she would like to do a trial run and keep track of patrons who do not live in the city. She would like to be able to hand out a pamphlet to those patrons and encourage them to donate. She would like to continue the trial run through the end of June, just to see what is donated. That way they would have a good idea if this is something that would work. Councilor Elliott stated that he thinks that is a much better way than charging people to use the library. Denine explained that it is likely all patrons will understand there is a cost involved, but ultimately we want to provide services to everyone without creating a hardship.

County Books: Denine explained that the Wallowa Valley Library Foundation is working with the commissioners to try and figure out where the items within the County Library are going to go. Denine explained that the city library has some very serious space issues, but there is a large print section that she would like to incorporate in. Denine explained that one issue to consider is the claim that mold existed in the County Library. She explained that inspections were done and there was not any mold found, but there are citizens who are concerned. Councilor Elliott explained that if we can obtain copies of those reports stating that no mold was found and keep them on file, he would not have any concerns with getting the large print books. Councilor Elliott made a motion to approve accepting the books from the County Library and moving them into the Enterprise Public Library. Councilor Christman seconded the motion. Councilor Word asked if those books would be shared and rotated with other libraries in the community, Denine stated they would. Motion passed unanimously.

Thorpes Pressure System Line: Lacey explained that the sewer line on Thorpes Lane is a private line and the city has previously granted permission to allow customers to hook into the line. Wyatt has recommended we send out a letter to the residents on Thorpes Lane, explaining that the City of Enterprise is not responsible for the line and that permission must be obtained by the property owners prior to hooking into the line. Council agreed.


Police Chaplain Information- Chief Fish explained that when Micah attended the Policy Chaplain Academy there was a mix of chaplains that had been sworn in and chaplains that had not. Chief explained that he approached Micah with the idea of swearing him in as a reserve officer for the Enterprise Police Department and having him attend trainings to prepare him for situations in the field. Lacey explained that she had visited with City Attorney Wyatt Baum on how to proceed with this seeing’s how Micah was also a council member and part of the Police Committee. Wyatt Baum suggested that he remove himself from the committee and any decisions that come before City Council in regards to financial impact or gain with the Police Department. Councilor Agnew stated that he would like to move forward with being sworn in and therefore would like to step down from his position on the Police Committee. Mayor Karvoski asked if there was any council member that would like to switch with Councilor Agnew. Councilor Elliott volunteered. Effective immediately, Councilor Agnew will no longer serve on the Police Committee and Councilor Elliott will take his place.

Committee Meeting Review: Mayor Karvoski explained that it is important for each Department to have set dates for committee meetings so that Lacey is able to advertise for them. Anytime more than two members of the committee meet with the department, it constitutes a public meeting, which means it has to be announced. She explained that the committee members and Department Heads need to get together, set a date and give that information to Lacey so she can advertise the meetings accordingly.

Resolution No. 635- Councilor Elliott said he is not comfortable passing the resolution setting the sewer rates when the connection questions regarding the Valley Heights subdivision are listed as they are. Lacey recommended that the Public Works Committee meet and review the rates set in Resolution No. 635, and return to the council next month with a recommendation.

Vandalism Letter from Josef Ramirez: Mayor Karvoski read the vandalism letter submitted by Josef Ramirez in regards to a charge he received after vandalizing City of Enterprise property.

Rotary Clock Project: Mayor Karvoski read the letter submitted by Paul Wahl via email on August 8th, 2018, in regards to the rotary project he would like to complete. Councilor Word made a motion to allow Paul Wahl to move forward with his Rotary project. Councilor Sullivan seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Next meeting September 10, 2018.

No further business. Meeting adjourned. 


                                                                                                                Stacey Karvoski, Mayor



Lacey J. McQuead, Administrative Assistant