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Minutes March 12, 2018

City Council March 12, 2018

The Enterprise City Council held a Work session from 7:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. for the purposes of discussing the fire hall rebuild, including colors, prior conversation with Lynn McNamara and the soil samples, as well as discussion regarding the small cities paving grant between the Council and Staff.

Mayor Stacey Karvoski opened the public meeting for the Enterprise City Council meeting at 7:30pm. Those present were Mayor Karvoski, Councilors Jenni Word, Ashley Sullivan, Micah Agnew, Chris Pritchard, Dave Elliott, Larry Christman; Staff Joel Fish, Michele Young, Lacey McQuead, Denine Rautenstrauch, and Ronnie Neil.

Absent was Enterprise Fire Chief Paul Karvoski.

Guests present were Grady Rawls, Mr.  & Mrs.  Jim & Kathy Fanning, Kirsten Rohla, Olivia Losby, Michael Barry, Candi Bunn, Doug Crow, Kathy Reynolds, Mike Harshfield, Wupp Winn, Lee Daggett, Chuck Anderson, Carmen Gurule, Christopher Lestenkof, Malia Melody, Kate Fent, and Jim Nave, Monica  and Michael Eng,  Mark Ramsden

Press: Kathleen Ellen with Wallowa County Chieftain

Pledge of Allegiance


Moment of Reflection




Councilor Christman made a motion to approve the February 15, 2018 Council Minutes and the February payables register. Councilor Word seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.


Administrative Department:

City Administrator Michele Young stated that the letters sent out to the residents on Alamo Street were received well. People who had property sitting in the right of way, moved it without any problem.  Michele stated that at the February meeting, Councilor Pritchard brought up a question regarding insurance covering the entire estimate of the new building. She explained that will be decided on at a later date, once we are aware of all the costs specifically. Michele stated that both she and Lacey attended the CIS Conference last week and from that came the idea to have a staff meeting where all employees come up with a 10 year risk assessment plan together. This is something that would ultimately be presented to the City Council.  She explained that at the conference last year, the risk management class used our city park as an example and this year they used the Enterprise City Hall. Mayor Karvoski recommended further discussion regarding risk management between the council and departments heads during the committee meetings. No questions or comments for the Administrative Department.  

Public Works Department:

Public Works Director Ronnie Neil informed the council that we was absent last week, so was unable to provide them with a report prior to the meeting. He explained that he has gone out for bids on a new vehicle and will be ordering the vehicle very soon. Ronnie stated that the position for maintenance worker posted today and applications were made available online and at the City Hall. The application deadline is April 6th. No questions or comments for the Public Works Department.

Fire Department:

Fire Chief Paul Karvoski was absent, but Mayor Karvoski read the stats. She stated there were 13 calls for the month of February and 14 calls for the month of January. The Fire Department has stayed very busy. No questions or comments for the Fire Department.

Police Department:

Police Chief Joel Fish reported having 97 calls, 22 reports and 13 traffic stops, with the majority of the calls being public assists. Chief Fish announced that Officer Cody Billman graduated from the academy on February 16th and is moving forward as expected. He stated the Officer Kohlhepp received his Intermediate Certificate after completed the necessary requirements from DPSST. Chief Fish stated that on February 27th and 28th he attended a small agency training. He is currently working on getting the policy manual with Lexipol finished up. No questions or comments for the Police Department.


Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch stated that she previously submitted her report and is available to answer any questions the council might have. She explained that she has been working on stats and will hopefully have them available for the next council meeting. She stated that they had a very successful Library Fair on Friday where over 100 people attended. No questions or comments for the Librarian.


Construction Video-Grady Rawls

Mayor Karvoski stated that there are some questions regarding the City of Enterprise keeping the raw footage, as well as being able to use the opportunity fund for this project. Michele stated that between that and the marketing fund, she thinks we will have enough to move forward, as this is going to be an opportunity for everyone to see the progress now and in the future. Mayor Karvoski asked Grady Rawls to explain to the council what this would entail. Grady stated that this project is quoted as a timeless piece. They would be covering start to finish the entire project from the demolition of the old city hall and fire department, to the construction of the new city hall and fire department. Grady stated that the cost for a project similar to this outside of the county would be well over $10,000.00. He stated this would include high end photography and JPEGS once the project is complete. Grady stated that they will create content that shows the “making of” as well as the “behind the scenes.” He stated that we will not have access to the raw footage, but we will have a great piece of history showing a project from start to finish. Mayor Karvoski asked for questions or comments. With none, Councilor Christman moved that we contract with Grady Rawls to have video progression done through the project. Councilor Sullivan seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.  

Library District Update

Mayor Karvoski explained the reason for this being on the agenda is due to there not being any decision made on which direction to take moving forward. She explained that the facilities committee met last month and Denine came up with a draft MOU (memorandum of understanding). She stated that at the meeting, the City of Joseph decided to not make any decision regarding their facility until after they knew whether or not the Library District passes. Olivia Losby stated that she is one the Joseph City Library Council and is envisioning a district where the libraries do not have to compete with a city budget. She stated that she believes a cohesive district with all libraries will be beneficial to Wallowa County. Jim Fannon, a resident close to Imnaha, stated that while he is unsure of the opinion of the city council at this point, he wanted to share his concerns should the district not pass.  He stated that he ranks libraries right up there with schools and have always found libraries to be places where he felt comfortable. He explained that he is fully aware of the ability to read and subscribe to services online, but he enjoys books and his primary interest is in the prosperity of Wallowa County. Jim stated that he sees the library district as an opportunity to contribute to the county and a new outreach program that could be a very proactive in working toward community development through capacity building and economic development. He stated that in his heart, he believes this is an opportunity that we should move forward in and not step back from and invest in the literacy this community. Councilor Elliott stated that he agrees with what Jim is explaining, however the decision of the council is for the City of Enterprise. While this is a great opportunity for the County, it is a horrible deal for the citizens of Enterprise. Jim Fannon responded, stating that the City of Enterprise is the nucleus of Wallowa County so his argument is that the City of Enterprise has a responsibility to build those relationships with the other cities. He stated that he sees it as an investment for the city, a risk, but in the long run it is really the only option. Jim continued, explaining the City of Enterprise has an example of excellent collaboration and cooperation going on and that we have to build prosperity and prosperity gives young people hope. He sees it as a bigger picture and while he understands where we are at, he feels Enterprise would be stronger in the long run.

Mayor Karvoski stated that we are here to talk about whether or not we want to move forward with an MOU or wait to see if the Library District passes. Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch stated she didn’t know if the council was aware of the fact that the other communities have not made a decision. She continued, stating Enterprise is the first one and they want to see what the City is going to do. The decisions you make are going to impact everyone. Denine said she hesitates talking about the district too much but wants everyone to think about the efficiencies this would allow. Councilor Agnew said he agrees that our position is to either decide now ahead of time, or wait and cross the river when we come to it. He asked if anyone saw an advantage for laying the groundwork on an MOU now. Mayor Karvoski recommended a future work-session to review options for an MOU. Councilor Christman agreed with the idea of having a work-session. Mayor Karvoski asked for any further questions for Kirsten regarding what the district should want or like us to bring to the table when we write a proposed MOU. Council Pritchard stated that the Library District wants everything to be paid for by the City of Enterprise and would like it at no cost to the district. Denine stated that if this discussion had to do with a fire district, nobody would hesitate. Councilor Agnew stated that we are not using the same budget. If the district passes the monies that are currently funding the library would be freed up to put towards something else, but the tax burden for the citizens would increase. Kirsten stated that the district understands that Enterprise is the central library branch moving forward. She said that we, as the facilities committee, never intended to come forward and make any demands or place any conditions on the city, we only wanted to consolidate and make it more than what it already is. She continued, explaining that they are not approaching it as though they are getting a free building, but would like to negotiate something that everyone can agree on. Kirsten stated that they are not feeling that this is decreasing anything for the citizens and depending how the MOU moves forward, they certainly want to make sure that everything is equitable and the City would not go below where it’s already at. The proposal is that the library is getting an additional 20 hours, but in no way cut into the hours that are currently being offered. Mayor Karvoski stated that there will be a work session scheduled. Councilor Christman recommended having a cost sheet available during the work session so that everyone can see what is currently being spent for the library.


Motel Tax Presentations:

GEMS Flower baskets: Michael Barry stated that as a board member for Enterprise Main Streets, he is there tonight to represent GEMS on the grant applications. The first application is for the flower baskets that GEMS has been doing every summer. They are hoping to expand a little more this year. They are asking for $2,000.00.

GEMS- Michael Barry then continued on into the next event, Summerfest held on June 23rd. He stated that this is the summer blast for everyone in Enterprise. He said that last year was a beautiful day filled with live music and even a bouncy house. The explained that this is event is all volunteer driven and are asking for $2,000.00.

Main Street Show and Shine-Elks- Candi Bunn and Doug Crow presented representing the Main Street Show and Shine event. Candi explained that this is the fifth year, the event starts on Friday morning and runs through Saturday afternoon. They have anywhere from 103-140 participants. They are asking for $2,000.00.

Wallowa Valley Golf Association-Kathy Reynolds presented their application, along with Mike Harshfield. She stated that they are asking for $2,000.00 to help increase the advertising and marketing. She explained that they have 10 tournaments and anywhere from 2,000-3,000 visitors through the year.  Councilor Elliott asked what the average number of participants they have per tournament. Kathy stated they usually have in between 80-90 but not all are participants. Councilor Elliott asked what the max amount of participants would be. Mike Harshfield stated it would be around 140.

Broncs and Bulls- Wupp Winn, President of the Mountain High Broncs and Bulls presented their application. He stated that there are seven directors working on this year’s event and they have moved to a weekend to coincide with the Summerfest event in hopes of bringing in more people. They are going on their 14th year of this event and average between 50-60 contestants. They are planning on expanding into more of a family event, introducing activities for kids. He explained that they usually have between 1,500-2,500 people show up for the event. They plan to use the funds to expand their advertising and in hopes of gaining more vendors, participants, and families. They are asking for $2,000.00.

Aplenfest: Chuck Anderson presented this application. He stated that this will be their 40th Alpenfest and will take place at the end of September. Chuck explained that they have between 500-800 people show for this event. He stated they are asking for $1,000 to help with Thursday night’s events that take place in Enterprise. After their opening ceremonies, they will go to Terminal Gravity where there will be live music. The funds will help pay for the performers.

Babe Ruth Indoor Building Grant Proposal:

Kate Fent stated that the goal for this presentation tonight is to gain approval to move forward with Oregon Park’s and Rec’s Grant application. She stated that if they receive this grant, it will be the city’s job to facilitate it. Kate explained that if they were to get the grant, they would then set up meetings with the parks committee to discuss their proposed plans. However, until we get permission and support of from the City of Enterprise, we cannot move forward with submitting the application. Jim Nave explained that the plans submitted tonight are just preliminary and there would be thorough plans submitted if they receive the grant. Councilor Elliott asked what the space will be used for. Kate responded, stating the batting cages that are retractable so when not needed, there would be an open space. Councilor Christman asked about parking availability and if the new building would take away from the current space for parking. Kate stated that would be something to further discuss with the city upon receiving the grant.  Jim stated that they would ultimately like to come up with a plan, working with the council and the parks committee and try to optimize the space. Mayor Karvoski stated that their application is not based on where the building goes or what type of material would be used for the building. They only need permission at this point to move forward with applying for the grant. Michele stated that the money for the project would come out of our budget, then the state would reimburse us as the money is spent, so it is important to know what the cost could be. All of that will come after they find out if the grant was been awarded. Councilor Agnew made a motion granting permission for them to move forward with the Babe Ruth Building Grant Application. Councilor Christman seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.

Enterprise Community Garden Grant Proposal:

Malia Melody stated that this proposal is just in the beginning phase, sharing with you our idea to move forward with a community garden. She stated that she shared with the council a draft of the EOCCO Grant Application and they would need the city council’s approval before moving forward with submitting the application. She explained that they are asking for support and permission to use the unused parcel across from the city park. With your approval we feel that the City would have a higher value, an added value for the citizens. Christopher Lestenkof explained that they are asking for the use of the land that is immediately across Prairie Creek from the park. It is for construction of a greenhouse with ten plots where community members can grow their own plants. The idea is to give people a true year round growing experience. Christopher explained that there would be no supplemental heating and no electricity and that rent for each plot would be more than enough to cover the cost. He stated that they also plan to have 20 plus outdoor plots available for rent. He explained that the rest of the area would be thoughtfully planted with nut trees, berry bushes and other trees. Christopher explained that the budget submitted tonight is their high estimates for everything. He stated that they are currently working with a contractor out of joseph and received a bid for $53,000 and the grant is $50,000. We would like to do fundraising between now and then. Malia explained that they have received letters of commitment from Alder Slope Nursery and also from the Vault. We are not going to move forward with the project unless we have a ‘yes’ from the City of Enterprise. Chris stated that they could work with another nonprofit, but it would not be a community project as the land would be owned by a private entity.  Michele stated that FEMA just released some of new regulations on flood plain. We are bringing in our attorney for the next planning commission meeting to discuss it. Ronnie asked if they will have permanent structures. Christopher stated they would.  Michele explained that they would be required to do a flood elevation certification and that there are regulations for every type of building, so that would need to be reviewed. Mayor Karvoski stated that she thinks this needs to be referred to the parks committee, the FEMA information needs to be reviewed, then the committee can come back with a recommendation for the council. Malia stated that they were hoping to submit their application by mid-April. Mayor Karvoski asked the parks committee to bring a recommendation back to the next council meeting.

Next council meeting Monday April 9th, 2018.


Mayor Karvoski announced the Enterprise City Council will hold an Executive Session as allowed by ORS 192.660(2)(d) to conduct deliberations with the cities designated labor negotiator. The City will re-open Public Session at the end of the Executive Session.  Public session is now closed.

Mayor Karvoski announced that the executive session is closed, Public Session is now open. No action taken in executive session.

Meeting adjourned.


                                                                                                                Stacey Karvoski, Mayor



Lacey J. McQuead, Administrative Assistant