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Minutes January 8, 2018

January 8, 2018

The Enterprise City Council held a Work session from 7:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. for the purposes of discussing the fire hall rebuild, Library District discussion and general discussion from between the Council and Staff.

Council President Jenni Word opened the public meeting for the Enterprise City Council meeting at 7:30pm. Those present were Councilors Jenni Word, Ashley Sullivan, Micah Agnew, Chris Pritchard, Dave Elliott; Staff Joel Fish, Michele Young, Lacey McQuead, Denine Rautenstrauch, and Ronnie Neil.

Absent were Councilor Larry Christman and Mayor Stacey Karvoski and Fire Chief Paul Karvoski.

Guests present were Marty Thompson, Jason Testerman, Sean Flanagan, Chuck Anderson, and Josh Kesecker.

Press; Kathleen Ellen from the Wallowa County Chieftain.

Pledge of Allegiance


Moment of Reflection




Councilor Agnew made a motion to approve the December 11, 2017 Council Minutes and the December Payables Register. Councilor Pritchard seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.


Administrative Department: Michele Young stated she did not have anything to add to the report she previously submitted, but the Keurig machine she purchased for use at the City Hall burned in the fire. She is asking permission for the City Council to replace it. Council agreed that it should be replaced. No questions or comments for the Administrative Department.

Public Works Department: Ronnie Neil stated that the pipe replacement project they are planning for this summer will go from Evans Lane to Arthur Street. The cost estimate for materials came in at $11,850.00. Ronnie explained that they completed weighing the clean brass they had salvaged from the water project and he sold it today for $1.30 per pound totaling $2,600.00. No questions or comments for the Public Works Department.

Fire Department: No Report.

Police Department: Police Chief Joel Fish explained that there were only 124 calls last month, which is a decrease in calls. The Police Department had 24 reports and only 11 traffic stops. There was one ticket for speeding issued. In 2015 when Officer Kohlhepp was working by himself, he had 158 cases. In 2016 they saw it increase to 301 cases, and this past year, 2017, we had 359 cases. Councilor Agnew asked Chief Fish what he attributes the increase to. Joel explained that some of it comes from being proactive, some of it is better documentation being provided, but the drug cases have definitely been a huge factor.  Joel explained that Officer Billman came and worked a couple weeks while being on Holiday leave with the academy. He will return for six more weeks and the graduate. No questions or comments for the Police Department.

Library Department: Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch explained that her report was give prior to the meeting. She stated there was also a letter from Daniel Boyd. She explained that since working for the City of Enterprise, and even before that time, Mr. Boyd would send a $100.00 donation every year. Denine explained that Mr. Boyd’s mother was involved in the library when he was a kid, so the library has always been special for him. She stated that when he came to Enterprise this summer, she was excited to meet with him and discuss some plans she had for the library. When Denine opened his annual Christmas card there was a letter and a check for $5,000.00. He explained that he hoped she could use some of those funds to assist in completing projects they talked about. Denine explained that the City of Enterprise has Horner Papers and she would like to take the funds and make those papers machine readable, making them available on the library database, once we receive permission to do so. Councilor Elliot asked what else she would like the remaining funds to go towards. Denine stated she would like to see new shelves in the children’s section of the library. She asked this of Mr. Boyd, and as of today, Denine had received a letter back stating the he supported the remaining funds going to that project. No questions or comments for the Library Department.




Initiative petition to voters to repeal the City of Enterprise ban on marijuana:

City Attorney Wyatt Baum joined us via phone. Wyatt explained the deadlines the groups has to meet, as well as having to come up with 15% of voters’ signatures. If they are able to meet these deadlines and come up with the 15%, then those signatures will be checked, in order to make sure they are valid. Wyatt explained that should this pass, the City of Enterprise can take proactive measured to make safeguards are in place. He explained that he is not concerned with the current conversations taking place with the attorney general, because this was never legalized on the federal level. The City does have the option of implementing business license ordinances, updating land use codes, etc. Wyatt explained that he previously reviewed our ordinances and he did not see anything that would keep us from moving forward. He stated that he believes with an update, the City would have more ability to place regulations on proposed businesses should this pass. Councilor Pritchard asked Wyatt is the City would face any repercussions if this were to pass. Wyatt responded stating that the City would not face repercussions. Councilor Pritchard asked if that would be the same on a federal level, beings this is against Federal Law. Wyatt explained that while he can’t say definitively that there wouldn’t be future problems, but there are larger cities that would see those problems before we did. No further questions for Wyatt, call ended. Michele suggested having a work session with the Planning Commission to go over options the City has. Councilor Word asked if there were any questions regarding this topic. Marty Thompson stated that there seems to be some discrepancies on the number of signatures required. Marty further explained that she feels the City Council hasn’t taken the time to educate themselves or read the material provide to them by the group. Marty stated that at a previous meeting the group was told the city does not need the money that they would get from the sale of marijuana at the dispensaries, but she doesn’t know of a city that could use those funds. She also explained that at a prior meeting, there was a comment made regarding just going to Safeway and getting this as a prescription. Councilor Agnew explained that that statement was taken out of context. He stated that what he meant by his statement was the regulations were not consistent.  Marty stated that she just wanted to make sure the Council was aware of just how many medical and recreational users there were in Wallowa County. She explained that since they have become involved, they have completed a “dispensary tour” of other dispensaries close to us. She stated that regardless of how far they have traveled, or the time of time, they always run into a local, who has traveled outside of Wallowa County, at these dispensaries.  Marty explained that those funds being spent to travel outside Wallowa County to get the medicine they need, could be spent here in our county. She stated that she just hopes the city will not try to roadblock them from moving along with one here, as well as one they are hoping to open in the City of Joseph. Jason Testerman stated that he wants to make it clear they are not trying to do this for financial gain, but to help the people within our community.

Rental Contract for Fire Equipment:

Michele explained that her and Ronnie met with the fire chief and discussed some concerns they had, including where the fire trucks would be exiting from and where the fireman would be coming in from upon a fire page. Michele explained that it is in a commercial zone, but it is also a residential area and we have to show respect for those people. She explained that what they recommended to Paul is that when the fireman come they will arrive via River Street, they will leave in the fire trucks on the undeveloped section of Tacoma, which crosses Alamo, and enter the highway from there and they will not be allowed to hit their sirens until the come to the highway. Michele stated that Wyatt has drawn up this contract and now needs to be approved so we can forward it on to Hillock’s. Councilor Agnew asked if he is correct when he understood this expense to be that of the insurance company. Michele stated that it will be paid by the insurance, $4000.00 per month, which includes the utilities. The hope is that it will only be until September 30th but if it has to be extended it can. Councilor Pritchard abstained from the vote of approval, due to his position at Enterprise Electric. Councilor Agnew made a motion to approve the Commercial Lease between Enterprise Electric and Rental and the City of Enterprise, Enterprise Volunteer Fire Department. Councilor Sullivan seconded the moved, motion passed unanimously.

Public Announcement on Rebuild of City Hall and Fire Hall:

After a recent conversation with our insurance adjuster, we have learned that we will have the ability to rebuild both the City Hall and the Fire Hall. Councilor Agnew stated that during this conversation, we learned that with the current structure being made of cinder block, we are able to save a substantial amount of money by building the new structure with a prefab pre-engineered material, as well as saving money by moving forward the way we did after the fire, not using the CIS trailer and supplies and finding the office space to use until the rebuild could take place. Councilor Agnew stated he would like to commend Michele for the foot work done by her and the office staff, stating he doesn’t think we would have received the same result had we not put for the effort and preparation we had. Michele responded, stating that we have a great team at the City Hall. Councilor Pritchard asked what the estimated time is for building. Michele explained that April will most likely be the month for demolition and I am hoping we will go out for bid sometime in February.

Michele explained that tomorrow morning we will be closing the office to go to Island City to tour their City Hall. It is a nice facility and this is just to give us a vision of how this looks and their set up.

Resolution #624:

Michele explained this is a resolution that she presents to the Council every year, as required. This defines who the budget officer is, where we bank, authorized individuals for signing checks, health insurance, etc. Councilor Sullivan made and motion to approve Resolution No. 624, Councilor Agnew seconded the motion, motion passed unanimously.  


Council President Word announced the Enterprise City Council will hold an Executive Session as allowed by ORS 192.660(2)(d) to conduct deliberations with the cities designated labor negotiator. The City will re-open Public Session at the end of the Executive Session.  Public session is now closed.

Council President Word announced that the executive session is closed, Public Session is now open. No action taken in executive session.

Councilor Pritchard made a motion to pay the retro-pay for the Public Works Department based of the proposed salary schedule to be included in the bargaining agreement that will be submitted for approval at a later date. Councilor Sullivan seconded the motion, motion passed unanimously.

Next meeting is February 12th, 2018.


                                                                                                                Stacey Karvoski, Mayor



Lacey J. McQuead, Administrative Assistant