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Minutes August 14, 2017

August 14, 2017

The Enterprise City Council held a Work session from 6:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. for the purposes of questions and answers between staff, council members, City Engineer and City Attorney regarding the city hall fire.

Mayor Karvoski opened the public meeting for the Enterprise City Council meeting.    Those present were Mayor Stacey Karvoski; Councilor Jenni Word, Ashley Sullivan, Dave Elliott, Larry Christman, Chris Pritchard; Staff Ronnie Neil, Joel Fish, Michele Young, Lacey McQuead, Denine Rautenstrauch; City Attorney Wyatt Baum and City Engineer Brett Moore. Guests Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Anderson, Bruce Bliven and Press Kathleen Ellen. 

Pledge of Allegiance


Moment of Reflection 

No additions to the Agenda.


Councilor Christman made and Councilor Sullivan seconded the motion to approve the May 8th, May 23rd, June 12th, June 26th and July 10th, 2017 minutes and the June 2017 and July 2017 payables.  Motion passed unanimously.




Administration:  Michele stated that we have a subdivision hearing coming up, going before the planning commission on September 5th then going before council on Sept 11th. This is an Administrative Hearing, not a Public Hearing, however we still have a process to follow. We will provide a detailed staff report with a recommendation from the planning commission regarding their opinion on the decision to be made. There is a two part process for the subdivision application; (1) the tentative plan and (2), the final plat approval. Michele recommended to every councilor to familiarize themselves with the area. There is an LOC (League of Oregon Cities) conference coming up at the end of September. If there is anyone interested, there is information on the conference program she enclosed with the packets. Michele further explained that she is hoping to serve on a panel at the conference. Next, Michele explained the end of the year financial report she provided, including historical data for the past three years. This way the council can compare one year to the other. Also, she reminded the council to keep an eye on the Social Media pages, stating that between EPD and the City Hall page, they remain pretty active.

Mayor Karvoski asked for a deadline regarding attendance to the LOC conference. Michele responded, the first of September, explaining that she has already registered for the conference. No further questions for Michele.

Public Works: Ronnie would like to add to his report that Warde Park is now complete. Also, Hillocks has the replacement generator in and will be installing it within the next week. Ronnie stated that the Joseph City Mayor asked our Public Works Department to assist in paving some streets in Joseph. Ronnie let him know that we were not interested in assisting with the project. No further questions for Ronnie.

Fire Department: Paul explained that the Fire Department had ten calls for service for the month of July. Paul continued, explaining that the crew came out to evaluate the ISO rating for fire suppression and while there are some issues the fire department has to take care of, next June they will come through again, complete a full rating resulting in a strong possibility of going to a four, as well as the rural going to a 7.  Chief Karvoski reported that they had 1 flu fire and 3 lift assists last month.

Police Department: Chief Fish read over the stats submitted in the council packet. He continued, explaining that he just returned from the Law Enforcement Conference in Bend, put on by CIS. Chief Fish announced that in July, he joined the Board for the Oregon Association of Chief of Police and looks forward to serving on the board. Mayor Karvoski asked how our new officer, Jacob Curtis was doing. Chief Fish explained that he is doing very well, completing his training with the other officers. He further explained that Officer Stone will continue training him for an extra couple of weeks, to insure that Officer Curtis can successfully complete a traffic stop. Once that is finished, Officer Curtis will move on to train with Officer Kohlhepp. No further questions for Chief Fish.  

Library: Denine stated that she submitted her report with the council packet. Other than that report, there is a meeting that will be taking place in an attempt to bring librarians from around the county together to discuss the possibility of a Library District. She stated that she would appreciate the support of the council at the meeting. Councilor Sullivan and Mayor Karvoski will both be attending the meeting.


Resolution 617:

Michele explained the changes that were made to the Resolution as approved during the budget process.  The change specifically affects all apartments.  The Public Works committee found that the way were billing sewer for apartments were not fair and consistent with how we bill all other residential users for sewer.  Effective immediately any rental over a 30 day period is considered a dwelling unit and will be charged as such for sewer, just like the trailer parks, houses, duplexes, etc.   This will be applied to multi-use buildings in the downtown area as well.   Michele further explained that she foresees the possibility of an increase in downtown housing, so we will want to keep an eye on this and review it later in the year.  Councilor Elliot asked if there will be a base rate charge regardless. Michele stated yes. Michele stated that the reason for recommending an increase in penalty billing (charged to customers shutting off their own water service instead of contacting public works for a shut off) is due to the after-hours charge being hire than the penalty billing. With the charge for penalty billing being less, it causes customers to risk the chance of being billed the penalty rather than paying the $150.00 for an after-hours call. We are recommending the penalty charge be increased to $250.00.

Michele went on to explain the necessity of charging sewer on an account, even with water service being disconnected due to non-payment. Lacey stated that we currently disconnect all services on the account when water service is shut off. Therefore, those who are carrying water to their house, still have the ability to use our sewer service, but do not have to continue paying for it.  Council agreed that this is a problem and recommended continue to bill for sewer service if water is disconnected due to non-payment.

Mayor Karvoski read Resolution 617, “A resolution setting rates, connection fees and other charges for the water and sewer systems of the City of Enterprise, Oregon as adopted by the 2017-18 budget.” Councilor Pritchard made a motion and Councilor Word seconded the motion to approve Resolution 617 as read by Mayor Karvoski.  Michele completed a roll call vote. Resolution 617 approved with a unanimous vote.  

Resolution 618:

Michele explained that she brought this Special City Allotment resolution to the last council meeting from the SCA Grant the night of the fire. After the fire, she contacted the State and informed them that she would not meet the deadline. Mike from the State recommended submitting the application, providing records of previous applications submitted, making note of the special circumstances that caused the delay in our submitted application. Mayor Karvoski asked if this resolution is so we can accept the grant funds. Michele answered yes. Ronnie explained that this is for paving, curbs and sidewalks. Mayor Karvoski asked Michele if she knew when we would have a response to the application. Michele stated that we should know something by the end of October. Councilor Word asked about prior grants we have received like this. Ronnie explained the last one received was for the Depot Street project we completed.

Mayor Karvoski read Resolution 618 “Under the provisions of ORS 366.800 and 366.805, there has been withdrawn from state highway funds appropriated for allocation to the several cities of the State of Oregon the sum of Five Hundred Thousand and No/100 ($500,000.00) Dollars, and in addition there has been withdrawn from monies available to the Department of Transportation from the State Highway Fund the sum of Five Hundred Thousand and No/100 ($500,000.00) Dollars.  As provided in ORS 366.805, said sums have been set up in a separate account to be administered by the Oregon Transportation Commission and to be allotted each year by said commission to be spent, within cities of 5,000 or fewer persons, upon streets not a part of the state highway system that are inadequate for the capacity they serve, or are in a condition detrimental to safety.” Councilor Christman made a motion and Councilor Sullivan seconded the motion to approve Resolution 618 as read by Mayor Karvoski. Public Works Director Ronnie Neil added that there is a match if we get this grant. Councilor Pritchard asked if we have the funds currently available to match the grant. Ronnie responded, stating that there should be enough funds available to match the grant. Michele completed a roll call vote. Resolution 618 approved with a unanimous vote.

Fire Truck Cover

Mayor Karvoski asked about the status of the fire truck cover previously discussed. Michele stated that the prior conversation took place the same time the council was considering allowing Andy McKee to lease the lot next to his buildings, he had offered to build the cover if that occurred.   She stated that after her accident, everything was put on hold for a period of time. Now that the fire has taken place, we are not going to be able to rent the lot to Andy. Councilor Elliot recommended not doing anything with it right at this time, until we know what we are doing with the rebuild of the City Hall. Fire Chief Karvoski stated that Stangel’s offered their front window space in the old Ford Building, this will allow there to be cover over the truck, but still have the ability for people to see it. Councilor Elliot and Councilor Christman responded stated that they thought it was a great idea. Chief Karvoski continued, stating that the truck was going to be in the car show this coming weekend then he will get it moved over to the Ford Building.


Resolution 619:

Mayor Karvoski began the conversation by explaining that she was under the impression that in regards to the meal reimbursement, the fire fighters would receive the full $15.00 per fireman regardless of whether the receipts submitted by the fire department totaled the sum of $15.00/fireman. Then, if monies were left over, the fire department could keep them in their account, for future purchases. Councilor Pritchard stated that he originally thought the same. Councilor Christman explained that he was under the impression that they would submit their receipts and receive funds for those receipts specifically, then if there was money remaining, it would carry over into the next time the receipts were submitted. He stated that it would be the responsibility of the Administrative Department, to make a form that would keep track of this. Councilor Elliot agreed stating they should only receive a check for the amount the receipts total, this way there is receipts provided for the money going out. Mayor Karvoski explained that she thought everyone had agreed that the fire department should continue to receive the same amount of fund they previously received for meal reimbursement, therefore being able to hold on to the left over amount in their own checking account. Michele explained that the difference between the two is that previously, the $15.00 was taken out of the fireman’s check, it was their personal funds coming out as a deduction from the gross amount of their check. She continued stating that now we are dealing with public funds. This means we have to be accountable for those funds. Michele stated that it was her understanding when she read the minutes, she would reimburse the fire department with the amount the receipts totaled, keeping track of what was not spent out of the $15.00/fireman, then if they had a meal night where they exceeded that amount, those left over funds would be available. Councilor Christman stated that if you were to review this with the auditor, when it comes to public funds, you have to have a receipt for every dollar that goes out. If they only spend $250.00 out of the $300 earned, then there would be $50.00 left over to go to them when needed. Councilor Pritchard agreed. Michele stated that she has created a form to help keep track of this, which will make it easy to track. Chief Karvoski stated that they had received and reviewed the form and they will figure out how to make it work. No further discussion.  

Mayor Karvoski read Resolution 619, which defines the reimbursement program for the fire department.  With no further comments or proposed changes, Councilor Christman moved and Councilor Pritchard second a motion to approve Resolution 619 as read by Mayor Karvoski. Michele completed a roll call vote. Resolution 619 approved with a unanimous vote.


September 11th at the Cloverleaf Hall


Mayor Karvoski announced the Enterprise City Council will hold an Executive Session as allowed by ORS 192.660(2)(d) to conduct deliberations with the cities designated labor negotiator. The City will re-open Public Session at the end of the Executive Session.  Public Session is now closed.

Mayor announced that the executive session closed, Public Session is not open.   No action taken.

Meeting adjourned at 8:51 p.m.


                                                                                                                Stacey Karvoski, Mayor



Lacey J. McQuead, Administrative Assistant