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June12, 2017 Minutes

June 12, 2017

The Enterprise City Council met in regular session on June 12, 2017 at 7:00 pm for a Work Session and the regular meeting began at 7:30 pm.   Those present were Mayor Stacey Karvoski; Councilors Micah Agnew, Larry Christman, Chris Pritchard, Ashley Sullivan, Dave Elliott; Staff Lacey McQuead, Ronnie Neil, Denine Rautenstrauch, Joel Fish.

Absent:  Councilor Jenni Word

Guests:  Lori Wyman, Pacific Power

Pledge of Allegiance was let by Councilor Pritchard

Roll Call


Councilor Agnew asked for further discussion regarding the black powder presentation during Summerfest. Denine informed the council of a meeting taking place on Wednesday, June 13, 2017, regarding the County Library at 10:00am. She stated that she would be closing the library to attend the meeting, as she has concern about the changes that will be occurring once it shuts down. Council Elliot brought up the discussion regarding the Pacific Power Franchise Fee. Discussion held off on until regular council meeting, as it is listed on the agenda. Chief Fish informed the council that he has been in contact with Rebecca Knapp regarding Municipal Judge and her interest in that. He will be having further conversation with the Police Committee on what the options are. Ronnie Neil explained to the council that earlier last week, Jeff Stoffel and Rick Christian were sent notices regarding their fences in the alley way. Ronnie explained that Mr. Christian had complied with the letter and Mr. Stoffel had a little more time to be in compliance.


Mayor Stacey Karvoski stated that Historic Re-enactment by Councilor Agnew was being added to the agenda. Councilor Elliot made and Councilor Christman seconded the motion which passed unanimously to approve the May payable register.


Mayor Karvoski read a Thank You card from Community Connections for the Cities continued financial support.  The city provides $1000 for their transportation program and $1000 for their meals program.



Lacey stated that at the June Planning Commission Meeting, a Public Hearing for a Variance was approved in regards to set back requirements for a deck. Lacey went on to state that the first Fire Department stipend checks had been issued. She stated that the Budget Committee had approved the proposed budget and the Budget Adoption Meetings was scheduled for June 26th at 6:30pm.

Public Works

Public Works Supt. Ronnie Neil explained that he received a letter from Oregon State Health Dept. stating that all of our system requirements have been met. He went on stating that last Wednesday morning the transmission line broke at 2:00am and the telemetry system did not notify anyone. 519,000 gallons of water was lost from the springs. Ronnie Stated that everything should already be fixed with the alarm calling the phones as it is supposed to and the system will continue to be monitored so not to have further issues. Ronnie explained that weed letters went out last week. The crew has completed the hooking up of five services on the Litch Street line. There are a couple others that the crew would like to do on River Street. Council Karvoski asked if a start date has been set for the concrete at the park. Ronnie responded that it should start any time after the 10th of July.

Council Elliot stated that he would like to thank the crew (in regards to the broken transmission line) for doing a great job on getting the line back together with minimal damage to the property. Ronnie stated that it split the pipe about 12 feet explaining that the biggest issue was no bedding under the pipe and the pipe was sitting on river rock. It was put in the 90’s so we should not have had this issue already. If it would have been 50ft to the north it would have sunk their trailer, ATV trailer and part of their shop. Ronnie continued stating, it affected only the Valley Heights Subdivision without impacting the rest of town. The old reservoir was down to 1ft. Councilor Elliot requested that we see how much it would cost to provide the Public Works Dept. with a couple smartphones so that they have access to the telemetry system from their phones. Mayor Karvoski asked Ronnie if that was something he would be interested in doing. Ronnie answered, it would be useful to get 1 or 2 cell phones that allow us to see what is going on. He further explained that this came up at the last Public Works Committee meeting and he told the committee that I would look into the cost and let them know.  Councilor Agnew asked if the GIS system was also something that can be accessible on the smartphones. Ronnie answered, yes, in fact the tablet that we got for employee appreciation allows us to do that. I have it set up where Shawn can go in and edit fire hydrants and the rest of the guys can go on to it, see the map, but they are not allowed to do any editing other than punching in fire hydrant locations right now. When we were working on the Litch street line we put in all the information such as depths and locations.

Fire Department

Mayor Karvoski explained that there was no report available for the Fire Department, but they did have one lift assist call during last month.


Librarian Denine Rautenstrauch explained that the council all has copies of her report. Other than the basic information, there is a meeting scheduled for tomorrow at 10:00am at the Courthouse in regards to the County Library. Councilor Agnew stated to Denine, you mentioned going to the meeting tomorrow and taking vacation time to do so. He further explained that he does not feel she should take vacation time to attend this meeting. Mayor Karvoski agreed. Councilor Elliot asked Denine if make sure the County knows that the City does not intend to take over all of the services that would be lost should the County Library close.  Denine agreed stating that the county cannot expect someone to just pick up the slack. Councilor Agnew stated that he will be attending the meeting as well.


Chief Fish explained the count regarding the calls on his report submitted to the council, with a total of 45 calls and two more traffic citations issued, that were not included in the report, it has been a busy month. He further explained that while absent from work, the Sheriff’s office took one theft report. Jacob Curtis graduated the academy and has finished his first phase of training with George. Now he is in the middle of his phase two, which involves training with Chief. Next, he will move onto training with Jed. There are a total of four phases. Chief Fish also stated that Cody Billman is the new reserve that will be sworn in on Thursday. He has been with Union County for five years as a reserve but also works as a corrections officer in the Union County Jail. Councilor Pritchard asked if there has been anymore dealing with the transient that has been in town. Chief Fish stated that he has not seen him in a while. Joel, I have not seen him in a while. Councilor Elliot would like to point out the good job that has been done by Enterprise Police Department.


Ordinance No. 586-Pacific Power Franchise: Lori Wyman took the discussion that happened at the previous council meeting back to the Pacific Power folks and after some review, they recommended leaving 12.1 and 12.2 in  Ordinance No. 586. Lori then contacted the City Hall and informed them of the recommendation. Lacey stated that after receiving the email from Lori, she forwarded on the recommendation to Wyatt Baum, the City attorney, for review. Lacey further explained that after some clarification, Wyatt recommended leaving it the way Pacific Power was suggesting, therefore keeping it clean. Mayor Karvoski asked for discussion on the Ordinance. Then asked Lori for an explanation on the situation with the three lineman for the county. Lori stated that she discussed the concern for enough man power with the Vice President and the CEO for PacifiCorp. She continued, stating that right now there are three lineman available, but one is out on disability. She stated that they are not able to replace him until his leave becomes permanent. Lori explained that there are meter people available to fill in on crew status as needed. She explained that in regard to the outage last winter, they would have had to pull people from outside counties in order to assist in the repairs. She explained that she understood the desire to have more lineman available up here, however, there has to be enough work and enough money in the budget to keep them. Councilor Pritchard asked if there were three active lineman, would Pacific Power have had to call others out in a situation like last winter. Lori responded, stating that there are a lot of variables that come into play. If there is a large outage, even with three lineman, there wouldn’t be enough help here and backup would be required.

Lori also explained that there has been concern regarding the office closing in Enterprise. She has had many conversations regarding this and there is not any indication that is happening. Councilor Pritchard explained that the main concern was having enough bodies available in the County so that should an emergency arise, we are waiting forever for someone to respond. Lori explained that right now, what they have available is two lineman. They are currently in the process of evaluating the third lineman position.

Councilor Pritchard asked when the agreement needed to be completed. Lori explained that the agreement expires at the end of this month. We either have to reach a decision tonight, or she would have to ask for a six-month extension. Mayor Karvoski stated that regardless, this Ordinance does not have anything to do with required staffing. Whether this Ordinance passes or not, the staffing available will remain the same. She continued by explaining that if there is great concern for the amount of people on staff for the County, maybe it would be best if at the next council meeting, there was someone available from Pacific Powers to address the concern. Lori explained that she can certainly bring the office manager up here at next month’s meeting to discuss the crew. She continued, stating that she will have Mike Lanigan or the Director come up and discuss this with the Council, hoping to address the concerns. Lori stated that this is similar to the issue with the Police Dept., meaning there are limited officers, with a large area, but it doesn’t help with budget funds being available. Councilor Christman stated that he would like to make a motion to approve the PPL Ordinance. Councilor Sullivan seconded. Councilor Elliot asked to have on record that he would like to see the 3.5% dropped, bringing the franchise fee back down to 3.5%. Mayor Karvoski stated that we have a motion on the floor to approve Ordinance No. 586. She continued by reading “Ordinance No. 586; An ordinance granting PacifiCorp, an Oregon corporation, doing business as Pacific Power & Light Company, a franchise for the use of streets, alleys and public easements within the City of Enterprise for an electric power distribution system for a period ending June 30, 2027.” Mayor Karvoski then asked one by one how the councilors voted:

Councilor Sullivan, Aye. Councilor Agnew, Aye. Councilor Pritchard, Aye. Councilor Christman, Aye. Councilor Elliot, Aye. Mayor Karvoski, Aye. The vote was unanimous.

Mayor Karvoski then informed Lori that she would place Lori and a member from PacifiCorp on the agenda for next month’s meeting.


Summerfest Event Permit & Street Closure

Mayor Karvoski began by explaining the streets that want to close are Main Street from Depot Street to Fifth Street. She also noted that part of this closure is for the Soap Box Derby. Mayor Karvoski stated she would entertain a motion to approve the event permit with the street closure. Councilor Agnew made a motion to approve the event permit with the street closure included in that. Councilor Sullivan seconded the motion. No further discussion. Motion passed unanimously.

Sewer EDU-Public Works Committee

Councilor Pritchard stated that during the last Public Works Committee meeting, they all sat down and discussed the amount of potential revenue that could ultimately help the sewer deficit. He continued stating that they were proposing that Apartment Complexes and Mobil Home Parks all get charged the same a single-family dwelling per apartment and/or space. Ronnie explained that currently the apartments and trailer parks all go off water usage and asked Lacey to explain further. Lacey stated that currently the mobile home parks are paying the minimum allowed for the amount of spaces that are available. However, every year the usage is evaluated and while the trailer parks do not have the ability to decrease, as they are at the minimum allowed, they do have the ability to increase based of water usage. Lacey further explained that the apartments are different. They currently are only charged based of water usage. Regardless of the amount of apartments available, they pay according to the amount of usage shown when we evaluate the water usage, following the April meter reading. Ronnie stated that what they are proposing is putting the apartments back to the way it used to be, charging them one Sewer EDU per apartment, then reassessing every year the usage, therefore deciding if they need to be increased. However, it would be like the trailer parks now, they would never be allowed to drop below the minimum. Lacey stated we are at the point in needing a new Resolution No. 595 listed fees through the end of 2016. Mayor Karvoski stated that we need to go ahead and add this to the new resolution to be voted on at the next meeting. Council agreed.

Black Powder Demonstration

Councilor Agnew explained that although there was prior conversation regarding his request for a black powder demonstration during Summerfest, there was never any decisions made. He is asking that the council approves him for this historical re-enactment with black powder, as a special event for one day only. Chief Fish stated that there would not be any projectiles coming from the rifle. Councilor Pritchard stated that there has to be some way to just allow this for one day on a certain premises for something very specific. He then asked where this would be taking place. Councilor Agnew stated that it would be at 207 E. Main Street. He further explained that he has had the discussion with GEMS and that there will be a canvas tent area with old time photos and a whole set up, showing the history. He stated that they were also considering using a pistol with the same set up to start the races, as well as having the sound system available for GEMS to use during the races. Mayor Karvoski asked Chief if he saw any issues with that. Chief Fish responded, stating that he didn’t see any issues, he just wanted to make sure Micah was covered for this event. Mayor Karvoski stated that she would entertain a motion to approve granting permission to Abundant Life Church to conduct a black powder historic re-enactment demonstration, not to include any projectiles, in conjunction with the Summerfest event on July 8th, 2017. The location of said event will be at 207 E. Main Street in Enterprise, Oregon. Councilor Christman made a motion to approve the request for permission for the above stated event, Councilor Elliot seconded the motion, and Councilor Agnew abstained from voting. All councilors who voted were in favor. Motion passed unanimously.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


                                                                                                Stacey Karvoski, Mayor



Lacey McQuead

Administrative Assistant