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Minutes March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017

The Enterprise City Council met in regular session on March 13, 2017 at 7:00 pm for a Work Session and the regular meeting began at 7:30 pm.   Those present were Mayor Stacey Karvoski; Councilors Micah Agnew, Larry Christman, Chris Pritchard, Jenni Word, Dave Elliott; Staff Michele Young, Ronnie Neil, Denine Rautenstrauch, Joel Fish.

Absent:  Councilor Ashley Sullivan

Guests:  Wendy Stuart, Wup Winn, Michael Berry, Jim Nave, Lee Daggett. Michael Moore, Brandon Miller, Janis Carper, Danielle Nash, Chantay Jett, Candy & Maury Bunn, Erica Stockdale, Josh Kesecker, Bruce Bliven and Kate Fent, Ryan Oberhelman, Kathleen Ellyn.

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call


The City Council watched a training video from the League of Oregon Cities regarding the Council Decision making process 1) Consolidation of Powers and Legislative Decisions 2) Administrative Decisions and 3) Quasi-Judicial Decisions.


Councilor Word made and Councilor Christman seconded the motion which passed unanimously to approve the January 9 & February 13, 2017 meeting minutes and the February payable register.


Mayor Karvoski read a Thank You card from Community Connections for the Cities continued financial support.  The city provides $1000 for their transportation program and $1000 for their meals program.

Danielle Nash and Erica Stockdale gave a presentation about a new program they are offering through the Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness called “ACT” – Assertive Community Treatment Overview. 

In October they received a grant from the Oregon Health Authority to expand their services by offering a mobile health clinic.  They call their van the “HOW Van” – Health on Wheels.  They take the van to their most rural locations so that location is not a barrier to service.  The van will do mental health screenings, etc.   Anyone is eligible – children through adults.  They have a dental hygienist etc.  Staff will rotate on the van

Smoking issue in alley complaint:

Mayor Karvoski read a letter from Andy McKee telling the council the problems he is having in the alley (alley that runs alongside the Fire Hall) with smokers.  Officer Kohlhepp stated that Michele asked him to inventory the alley and provide any public issues.  Officer Kohlhepp stated that he found cigarette butts, even found cigarette butts on the ground around cigarette butt cans.  He found dog feces, a wrecked car and a wagon with a lot of junk in it.  George stated that he also observed a lot of spit in the alley from the smokers, it is quite disgusting.   Brandon Miller, representing Pioneer Guest Home talked to Andy today and they had a great conversation.  Michele recommended that the Chief, Fire Chief, City Admin.


Brandon, Andy and Ralph get together and come up with a plan.   Denine stated the Library is also impacted by this problem.  The Mayor asked that Michele report back to the council and what they come up with.

Ice Rink Pavilion:

Ryan Oberhelman, representing the Wallowa Valley Ice Rink stated they would like to apply for a grant through the Oregon Parks and Recreation Dept.  This grant would be through their Local Government process.  They would like to apply for a Pavilion for the Ice Rink, it would have a concrete pad with steel structure, lite boards – etc. at a cost of $350,000.  They feel they can raise the match through their In-Kind Work and it would be no cost to the City.  Michele Young stated that she asked that they bring this to the City Council, she will have to administer the grant if it is received.  Michele also wanted the Council to understand that this will be City property.  After further discussion everyone was excited to proceed with the grant application.

Councilor Christman made and Councilor Agnew seconded the motion to authorize Michele and the Ice Rink folks to proceed with making the grant application.  Motion passed unanimously. 


Motel Tax Presentations

Mountain High Broncs – Wup Winn, president presented his $2000 grant request for the Broncs Rodeo. They are now 14-15 years in operation as an event.  They bring in quite a few contestants and visitors.  They are looking for our support to continue this event as we have in the past. 

GEMS Flower projects – Wendy Stuart stated that they are applying for flower baskets again this year.  Her biggest problem is finding people to water, the Wellness Center no longer has a work crew but they will figure it out.  They are requesting $2000.

GEMS Summerfest – Wendy Stuart stated they have changed the name of Bowlby Bash back to Summerfest, it is the 2nd weekend in July.  They are requesting $2000.

ELKS Main Street Show & Shine – Candy Bunn presented their grant application in the amount of $2000.  This is their 4th year.  Candy stated the money would be used to help with expenses.  They are adding a car club trophy to the event. 

Juniper Jam – Janis Carper stated this is their 9th year, it will be held on Sept. 2.  They are requesting $2000 again this year.  They have it completely booked with musicians already.

Courthouse Concert Series – Janis Carper stated they are all booked up for the Courthouse Concert Series this year.  They are again asking for $2000.  They have seen a little impact without the Farmers Market but still a great turn out.

Wallowa Valley All Stars tournament – Kate Fent, Secretary of Wallowa Valley Little League Board stated that on June 23-30 they will be hosting the All Stars Tournament here in Enterprise.  There will be 12 games daily – up to 36 teams will be attending and they will average about 200 kids. They are asking for $2000 for new diamond dust.

Alpenfest – Chuck Anderson stated he is asking to raise the level of activities in Enterprise.  Thursday activities in Enterprise with parade at 4pm, opening session at courthouse, then on to Terminal Gravity.    They would like to invite the Mayor to welcome people to the opening of Alpenfest and to Enterprise.   They have invited Alicia Baker to play at Terminal Gravity. 

Last year they gave away beer mugs, this year they would like to have people at Wallowa Lake be exposed to visiting Enterprise.  For years they have been selling bratwurst at events, these trailers are in high demand so they are building a wood brat wagon to sell the sausages at any time to promote

Alpenfest.  Last year they had 650 people buy tickets.  He is buying 900 of the mugs and hoping to give them away to ticket buyers.  He is again asking for $2000.

Mayor Karvoski stated that herself, Councilors Sullivan and Christman will meet and review the applications and report at the next meeting.



Michele stated that after attending the City/County Insurance Conference she came home with an idea that would involve the City Council, Budget Committee and staff.  Instead of holding a Budget Work Session in April, she is proposing that everyone take 5-10 pictures of anything they feel could be a hazard of some kind for the public or staff.  The purpose of this is not to point fingers but to get everyone out in the community and in our city facilities.   Sometimes it is easy to miss things when you’re the one working in it.  This could include things like pot holes, park equipment, sidewalk issues, building issues, safety issues, street lights, etc.  Michele would like the picture turned in by April 30.  She will not identify who took the pictures but will group them and she would like to use this as a prioritization of projects at the Budget Hearing in May.

Public Works

Ronnie stated don’t take pictures of manholes in the alleys, they have built the risers and will install them this spring/summer.

Eastern Oregon Landscaping is doing Warde Park.  The bricks have been ordered.  Ronnie asked the council to pick out a pattern for Warde Park which they did, they kept the same pattern.

Fire Department

Chief Karvoski reported in a written report that they responded to 1 Fire Call and 1 Motor Vehicle Call in February.  They will be submitting a Wildhorse Grant for 6 new SCBA Masks with Thermal Imaging Cameras.  They cost $1,350 each, we will provide $1200 for the match.


Denine reviewed her library stats report.  Denine was asked how often the Elevator is used, Denine responded that it averages 2-5 times per week.


Chief Fish stated that we need a 4x4, the other Tahoe is a 2-wheel drive.  Dodge chargers have a history of always being in the shop and it is a highway vehicle.   Chief Fish is proposing to purchase a new 2017 Blue Tahoe through the State Procurement Contract and they will trade in 2 impalas.  The Cost is $35,421.  Councilor Christman made and Councilor Pritchard seconded the motion authorizing Chief Fish to purchase the 2017 Tahoe in the amount of $35,421 and trade in the 2 impalas.  Motion passed unanimously.


Michele stated we forgot to authorize the Mayor and herself to sign the contracts for Warde Park Improvements and just needed a motion.  Councilor Christman made and Councilor Agnew seconded the motion to authorize the Mayor and Administrator/Recorder to sign the Warde Park Contract.

Ronnie stated that we have just discovered that our meter reader is no longer supported.  We attempted to send it in for routine maintenance and they won’t update it.  It is pretty old and the meter wand which does the automatic reading is the original and needs to be replaced as well.  The Meter Reader is our 2nd one.  We have to purchase one that is compatible with our Sensus meters and our software.  This reader is compatible with our computer system, it connects to our software and automatically downloads the information to our customer accounts.  If we were to purchase a different brand we would have to buy additional software to make it work.  We already pay for annual support so the cost would be $11,147.

Councilor Christman made and Councilor Elliott seconded the motion to authorize Ronnie to purchase the new Handheld Meter Reader and Wand in the amount of $11,147.  Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting Prayer – Councilor Micah Agnew stated; as a pastor, he is really fond of prayer.  Federal and State opens with prayer.  He was curious if we were interested in proceeding with a prayer before each meeting.   Michele stated that Mayor Karvoski asked her to look in to this.  In her research of other cities, she discovered it is common to have a Moment of Reflection at the beginning of each meeting.  This is a way that can be personal to each person that wants to use it for their own belief.    After discussion Councilor Christman made and Councilor Word seconded the motion to hold a Moment of Reflection for 60 seconds after Roll Call of each meeting.  Motion passed unanimously.

Michele updated the council on the Runway Lights Grant.  While we made 5th in their category 3 applications, we were not funded due to applications in the first two categories using up most of the funds.   The first two applications in our category were funded.  If other applications did not use money our application gets moved up.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourn.


                                                                                                Stacey Karvoski, Mayor



Michele R. Young, City Admin. /Recorder