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Minutes September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016

The Enterprise City Council met in regular session on Monday, September 12, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.   Those present were Mayor Steve Lear; Councilors Larry Christman, Dave Elliott, Stacey Karvoski, Jenni Word, Bill Coffin; Staff Denine Rautenstrauch, Joel Fish, Michele Young, Ronnie Neil

Guests:  Wendy Stewart, George Hill, Dan Sticka, Michael Moore, Josh Kiesecker, Jim Nave.

Pledge of Allegiance



Councilor Karvoski asked to have the appointment of Ashley Sullivan added to the agenda.  Mayor Lear felt this needed to go back to committee since the Council did not take formal action on the previous applicants.   It was noted that George Hill and Dan Sticka who had applied are now running for office.  It was the consensus to take this back to committee for the next meeting.

Councilor Coffin made and Councilor Christman seconded the motion to approve the August 8, 2016 minutes and the August payables register.   Motion passed unanimously.


George Hill – George stated that he is in a wheelchair and he was requesting the city improve a few areas that he as problems accessing.

The SW corner of 1st and Main is difficult for him as the lip is too high and the lower portion of the city park has no access.  He feels by the picnic tables at the curb if the city crew cut down the curb he could then get in fine.  Ronnie stated he could take care of it. 

Councilor Karvoski made and Councilor Word seconded the motion to authorize Ronnie to make the necessary changes for better wheelchair access at those two locations.


Public Works:  Ronnie stated that the old Reservoir is completed,   Ronnie stated that he is satisfied with all of the improvements that were made in the reservoir.  Warrington is doing some cleanup.  3rd street curbing machinery came in today and they will do that tomorrow.  3td Street will be paved on the 26th of this month.   Ronnie reported that the County is doing some chip seal for the city.

Library – Denine reported that the new addition in the library will have a reading chair, it will be called “Nancy”s Reading Nook” in memory of Nancy Lincoln who was a longtime supporter and volunteer at the Library.  She reviewed her monthly stat report with the Council.   Mayor Lear asked about the lift, if was working fine.  Denine stated it is not working.  It has a weak breaker, they put a delay on it but this last Thursday it failed again.   They will be coming back to put in a better breaker.

Michele stated that she had been contacted by Councilor Karvoski about Seismic Grant opportunity.  Michele stated that she looked into it and it is a 100% grant up to $1.5m for rehabilitation only, not new construction.  Michele stated that Commissioner Roberts sent their Courthouse Project Manager over to see if they could help, the company name is Ausland Group.   Michele had also contacted Anderson Perry & Assoc.  Michele stated she had the project manager and 2 engineers do a walk through on our building and they were amazed at the deteriorated condition of the building.  They will review the grant to

determine if we can qualify, this company has done 15 successful grants from this program.  We will probably submit it in the 2017 grant cycle.  Michele stated that she also received a phone call from the Department of Aviation and they are trying to help us get runway lights from Redmond; Redmond just replaced their runway lights.  We can also apply for a grant to install the lights.  Michele stated she would be working on that.

Police:  Chief Fish reviewed his report.  Calls are down in August with 167 calls of which 20 reports were taken.  In 2015 there were 158 reports and so far this year we have 200.  The cases in August were not bad but we did have some vehicles broken into.  The DA’s office is getting an investigator through Safe Harbors, it will also be used for things other than child abuse.

Joel has been getting out at 3:30am and slowing down the log trucks.  He has also been working the school zones getting them slowed down. 

Joel reported that Thunder-run event had 12 the first day, second day more showed up but they did not have any problems.  We did have about 6 gang bikers they know of that came into town we suspect for drug activity, etc., but they did not hang around.

September 12, 2016


Councilor Karvoski and Elliott met with Ronnie regarding Warde Park.   They discussed various designs, etc., they have $60,000 to spend.  They think putting colored cement on the outside and bricks on the inside.  Ronnie thinks going out for bid after the first of the year and getting it done next spring would be best.  Ronnie asked for a motion so that he can proceed.

Councilor Elliott made a motion to do the improvements at Warde Park with colored concrete and pavers on the inside and calling for bids next February.   Councilor Christman seconded the motion which passed unanimously. 

The Council discussed closing off the inside of the park in the winter so that they do not have to remove the snow in there and tear up the bricks. 


Hearings Officer – Michele submitted a request for motion to appoint Rebecca Knapp as the new Hearings Officer.  Councilor Christman made and Councilor Coffin seconded the motion to appoint Rebecca Knapp and approved the proposed contract as submitted at $225.00 per hour. Motion passed unanimously.

Michele submitted Resolution No. 607 to close the Municipal Court Bank Account.  Councilor Coffin made and Councilor Karvoski seconded the motion to approve Resolution No. 607 as presented.  Motion passed unanimously.

Michele submitted a request for approval of a Façade Grant to EM&M, Assoc. in the amount of $7,500.  The Landmarks Commission has approved the application and recommended approval.  The applicant is also a Board Member of the Landmarks Commission so they could not vote on it. Councilor Karvoski made and Councilor Christman seconded the motion to approve the $7,500 to EM&M for façade grant program.  Motion passed unanimously.

CETRA Grants:

Wallowa Valley Community Ice Rink:  Jim Nave representing the rink stated there is nothing new this year.  They are going to do a little work on the board system for public information at the rink and are still talking about a concrete floor, they had a great year last year.   This application is for operating costs at the rink since it is run by volunteers.

GEMS – Winterfest.  Wendy Stuart stated they are planning the same thing this year as last year.  There will be some changes this year.  Steve asked about the lights, do they need to come down.  This year they are hoping to get LED lights in and leave them in the trees and not have so much waste as in the past. 


No one was present.  It was discovered however that they had an incorrect date on their application, Fishtrap will be allowed to be considered for a grant.

Mayor Lear stated that the Motel Tax Committee will review all applications and give a recommendation at next month’s meeting.  The Motel Tax Committee is Mayor Lear and Councilors Elliott and Karvoski.

Being no further business the meeting was adjourn at 8:26pm.


                                                                                                                Steve Lear, Mayor



Michele R. Young, City Admin./Recorder