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Minutes July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016

The Enterprise City Council met in regular session on Monday, July 11, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.  Those present were Mayor Steve Lear, Councilors Larry Christman, Stacey Karvoski, Dave Elliott, Jenni Word, Bill Coffin; City Attorney Wyatt Baum; Staff Ronnie Neil, Michele Young, Denine Rautenstrauch, Joel Fish.

Guests:  Michael Moore, Melanee & Jesse Micka, Adrian Harguess, Kara Meyers, Constance Raven, Joseph Volpe, Randy & Joni Strohm, Josh Kesecker, Fred Tippett, Erika Pinkerton, Rachel Esquibel.

Press:  Kathleen Elly, W.C. Chieftain


Councilor Christman made and Councilor Coffin seconded the motion to approve the May 19; June 13 & 22, 2016 City Council minutes.  Motion passed unanimously.


Public works – Ronnie reported that the new reservoir went on line last Wednesday.  The pressure on the hill sent from 10 lbs. to 50 lbs. a significant increase.  There have been 142 fire hydrants installed by either replacement or new installation.  Old reservoir will be worked on next week.  Thorpe Lane flume has been determined to not have a historic impact so we were able to close that up.

Library – Denine reported that they are close to end of the Library Project.  Exterior looks real nice, waiting for carpet.  The lift failed on Saturday so they are working on what happened, it did not work. Denine will be working on this. 

Admin - Michele had nothing to add to her written report.  Michele wanted to relay a compliment From John Neil to public works.  He wanted them to know how appreciative he was for their hard work on the project and notifying them of the water shut-offs.

Police – Chief Fish provided a written report.  Mayor Lear stated it was nice to see him and Officer Kohlhepp wondering around Bowlby Bash.


Liquor License transfer for Lear’s

Mayor Lear recused himself:  Rachel Esquibel has applied for a liquor license transfer to take over as operator of Lear’s Main Street Pub & Grill.   Councilor Elliott asked if any changes were going to happen.  She wants to be a food service that offers liquor sales but she primarily wants to be food sales.  She will bring in her own experience to the business but nothing major.  Council President Word called for a motion.  Councilor Christman made and Councilor Karvoski seconded the motion to approve the Liquor License transfer which passed unanimously.


Taxi Service: Ordinance No. 584

Michele had requested City Attorney Baum help with writing an ordinance on the use of Taxi’s.  It was in our Code at one time but removed when we codified our ordinances.  We still have some language that deal with this for parking of taxis and buses.   Councilor Coffin was unclear as to why we are even having this on the agenda.  City Attorney Wyatt Baum explained why this ordinance was legally a good idea.  Councilor Elliott recommended that we include all other forms of transportation programs in this, he agreed it was a good idea.

Mayor Lear felt this gets into an even bigger issue of Business Licensing.  Lear asked if we piece meal it together.  It was the consensus of the council to include all other types of transportation programs.  Joe Volpe from the audience asked how this was going to protect the city, from what.  Mayor Lear stated that if we do not know what is going on we can deal with the complaints or any issues that arise.

Mayor Lear felt that the city needs business licenses, all around the city.  Fred Tippet stated he is very well acquainted with Constance as she works for him. 

The ordinance has been referred to Council committee to amend to include other transportation uses.

Constance Raven presented her request for a Taxi Service, She operated Columbia County Cab & Com. 20 years ago.  She has been doing in-home care so she saw a need for this.  She started it about 3 weeks ago.  She is taking people home from drinking, doctor appointments, etc.  She drove school bus in the past as well.  Councilor Christman made and Councilor Coffin seconded the motion to approve her taxi cab business to begin immediately.  Motion passed unanimously.  

Sewer Line Break dispute

Randy Strohm – Randy submitted an appeal to the council that his sewer line be repaired.  )this is in regards to an clean-out pipe that was found broken by a city worker who reported it to Mr. Randy Strohm and Mr. George Hill(  Randy stated he had absolutely nothing to do with the breakage of his clean-out.  He asked Ronnie why his wife and he are the only landowners served by the city that was notified, there are other people on the line below him, there are 4 owners.  

Ronnie Neil described how the sewer lines lie in the area, the city does not maintain private service lines for sewer. 

Councilor Elliott explained his circumstances on Fish Hatchery Lane and how the neighbors all came together in extending the main to solve this type of problem

Ronnie stated that we take care of the sewer mains, the service line are maintained by the landowner. 

Ronnie stated that DEQ was notified by Randy Strohm and stated that it needs to be fixed.  

Discussion with Strohm’s continued to deny any responsibility to fix it, the city should fix it they felt.   Councilor Christman felt it was unbelievable that Randy wasn’t engineering this, he has faith in Randy that he can fix it. 

Kara Myers who shares this line asked if they could fix it like they want it to.  Whoever installed it did not install it correctly.   Continued discussion regarding a private sewer line break occurred with no resolve.

Joe Volpe from the audience stated from a guy in the audience, stated that if rocks were thrown at your window, you would fix it.  This is your fix, fix it.  This is not the cities responsibility.

Joe stated he would dig up the line and fix it for him.  Joe stated that if Mr. Strohm would get parts, he would be there to fix it.  Discussion ended.


Mayor Lear opened the Public Hearing for the purposes of vacating 15’ of South Street which abuts the Enterprise High School Football field, area is described in Ord. No. 585.  Adriane Harguess & Ericka Pinkterton stated that they were very appreciative of the city doing this, they will be able to continue construction.   There was no opposition, Mayor Lear closed the Hearing.


Councilor Coffin made and Councilor Word seconded the motion to approve Ordinance No. 585.

Councilor Elliott recommended that we review the area further and look at vacating the whole street in the same amount.  Michele took a Roll Call Vote, Motion passed unanimously.


Mayor Lear read by title Resolution No. 606, “A RESOLUTION SCHEDULING BIENNIAL ELECTION OF CITY OF ENTERPRISE MAYOR AND COUNCILORS ON NOVEMBER 8, 2016”.  This resolution sets a date of August 24, 2016 as the deadline for submitting election packets to the City.


Councilor Christman made and Councilor Word seconded the motion to approve Resolution No. 606.  Michele took a Roll Call vote, motion passed unanimously.

Being no further business the meeting was adjourn.


                                                                                    Steven Lear, Mayor



Michele R. Young, City Admin./Recorder