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Minutes December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

The Enterprise City Council met in regular session on Monday, December 8, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. Those present were Mayor Margie Shaw; Councilors Stacey Karvoski, Laura Miller, Tim Parks; Staff Michele Young, City Administrator; Denine Rautenstrauch, Librarian; Wes Kilgore, Chief of Police.

Absent: Councilors Jenni Word, Larry Christman, Bill Coffin; Ronnie Neil

Guests: Michelle Bloker, T.J. Miller, Kevin McQuead, Lacey McQuead,, Neil Rogers, Jerry Hayes, Thomas Powers, Dave Elliott, Rob Ruth.

Pledge of Allegiance


Michelle Bloker introduced Timothy J. Miller. Mayor Shaw swore in T.J. as a new Patrol Office to the Enterprise Police Department.


Councilor Karvoski made and Councilor Miller seconded the motion which passed unanimously to approve the November 7 & 10, 2014 meeting minutes with a correction that Councilor Karvoski attended the meeting by phone..

Agenda additions: Councilor Miller made a motion to add the City Hearings Officer Thomas Powers to the agenda and the Realtors Contract extension. Motion was passed by Councilor Parks and passed unanimously.


Anderson Perry contract tabled until Roland's return.

Welcome sign – Jerry Hayes presented the design he had proposed. He proposed a pho rock front, it would be built on a box so that it could be moved. The rock cost approx. $1300, the sign cost is approx. $600-700. Councilor Parks stated the concern was if the price was going to continue to rise. Mayor Shaw felt that for $2000 it is a city improvement.   Councilor Karvoski wanted us to stay within the $1200 budget, maybe we can find some other type of material.   Mayor Shaw stated that she has brick that can be used. Jerry will call his rock person about what the cost would be if we used Mayor Shaw's brick or some other type of product that is cheaper.

Hearings Officer: Thomas Powers introduced himself stating that he moved here about 3 1/2 years ago. His wife was the director of Fishtrap when they moved here. He works in an office at the Wallowa Resources building. 10 months ago he wrapped up his Portland office and is now here.   He does Public Defender work, Business and Property work.

Councilor Karvoski made and Councilor Miller seconded the motion to approve the Contract for Services as the City of Enterprise Hearings Officer, as prepared by Roland. Motion passed unanimously.

Real Estate contract – Michele stated we need to renew our Real Estate contract for the sale of city property located on Hwy. 3. The property is listed with Wallowa Mountain Properties/Michelle Baird.   Councilor Karvoski made and Councilor Parks seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


Election results –Councilor Miller made and Councilor Karvoski seconded the motion to approve the November Election Results for the City of Enterprise as presented by the Wallowa County Clerks Office. Motion passed unanimously.

Councilor Miller made and Councilor Karvoski seconded the motion to approve giving all employees, volunteers of the City, Fire Department, Council and Commissions a $25 Buckskin Buck for Christmas. Motion passed unanimously.


Denine – Denine reported that we have grant applications with The Collins Foundation in the amount of $50,000 and Meyer Memorial Trust in the amount of $70,000. Both have visited the

Library. Denine stated she also have grants written through the Oregon Community Foundation in the amount $50,000 – Ford Family Foundation in the amount of $50,000.

They will be running an ad in the Oregon Hunter magazine for the Nature Conservancy Deer Tags as well.

Michele reported that the new Phone system is in and installed at the City Hall, Fire Hall and Public Works Dept. Michele reported that the Planning Commission had approved a Conditional use application from Verizon for Tower improvements which will have positive impacts for their cell phone users. Michele stated the Landmarks Commission will be selling Library Christmas ornaments as a fundraiser to help fund the Library project. Michele, in her written report had thanked outgoing Mayor Shaw and Councilor Parks for their service to the community. Their willingness to serve the community and working with staff is very much appreciated.

Councilor Miller handed out plaques to Mayor Shaw and Councilor Parks for there services, thanking them for their commitment to the community, to the city and to the employees. Mayor Shaw's endless volunteerism in our community.

Mayor Shaw gave her final speech as the Mayor . Mayor Shaw thanked Michele for keeping the city running smoothly, for everything she does and she appreciates all of the volunteer time Michele puts in. Mayor Shaw thanked Lacey McQuead for her work ethics and all of the effort she put in updating Fire Contracts and much more. She thanked Ronnie Neil and the Public Works Crew for the messy jobs they have to do and the many times they are called out to keep our water & sewer systems running, streets cleaned and cleared of snow, they are all very much appreciated. Mayor Shaw thanked Wes Kilgore and his officers for keeping our city a safe place to live and putting up with public opposition for all they do. Mayor Shaw thanked Denine for her love of the Library, books and all that she does. The Mayor thanked Roland Johnson for his serve to the city and keeping her on tract. Mayor Shaw thanked the Volunteer Fire Department for keeping the city safe, they are very much appreciated. Mayor Shaw gave a big Kudos to the best Council a Mayor could ask for, she appreciated each and every one of them. Mayor Shaw asked that everyone continue to thank about the future of our city and help keep it the Best Little City in Eastern Oregon. Mayor Shaw brought a lot of emotion to her speech.

Councilor Karvoski stated she is very sad to see Mayor Shaw go, we are going to miss you and the kids are going to miss you. Everyone gave a round of applause.

Mayor Shaw called for an executive session as allowed by ORS 192.660(2)(d) to deliberate with person(s) designated to carry on negotiations. Mayor Shaw closed the public session.         

Mayor Shaw re-opened the public session

Councilor Miller made a motion to approve Resolution 589 awarding the HSA Contribution, Personal Leave accrual, COLA and 1% longevity for the next 3 years effective July 1, 2014 to un-represented employees and Department Heads. Councilor Karvoski seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Councilor Karvoski made a motion to appoint Councilors Word and Christman to meet with the Police Association to finalize contract negotiations. Councilor Miller seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Being no further business the meeting was adjourn.


                                                                        Margie Shaw, Mayor



Michele R. Young, City Admin./Recorder