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The City of Enterprise program exists to stimulate and assist the City of Enterprise organizations, agencies and businesses in community projects, economic development activities, the enhancement, promotion and marketing of tourism and culturally related events in Enterprise.  The objective is to help organizations and agencies undertake activities that would not be considered without special funding.   The “CETRA” program is designed to assist in establishing activities and events which because of their own merit, can eventually grow and succeed without financial assistance from this program.

The City of Enterprise Hotel/Motel Tax Fund was established to improve the quality of life for its residents, business operators and visitors.  The City of Enterprise generates funds from a County-Wide Motel Tax of 5%; and a City Motel Tax of 3%.  These funds are invested back into the community through designated projects and events that will enhance visitor appeal and encourage overnight stays.


The City welcomes grant requests from not-for-profit organizations.  Grants are made in the area of:

  • Beautification of public property (i.e.: benches, bike racks, signage, planters, plantings, event equipment, etc.)
  • Enhancement of Enterprise’s Historical Downtown   (i.e.: signage, marketing)
  • Special Events
  • Tourism Promotion & Tourism Related Facilities
  • Other projects that will enhance Enterprise


The City of Enterprise is interested in funding organizations that demonstrate they have planned their projects with respect to the community’s overall needs.  Grant applications should keep in mind that priority is given to projects that”

  • Generate overnight stays in Enterprise
  • Encourage support of Enterprise business, restaurants and attractions
  • Attract positive coverage in local, regional and national media
  • Reach a broad segment of the community
  • Request seed money for innovative programs related to the aforementioned criteria
  • Seek multiple sources of support rather than rely on the City of Enterprise as a single funding source
  • Yield benefits to the community for the resources invested
  • Promote cooperation among event organizers to reduce costs
  • Enhance or improve the community


Since the City of Enterprise cannot fund every worthwhile endeavor, its resources are directed to those areas where public support will have the greatest impact.  In general, the following are not considered for funding:

  • Individuals
  • Organizations that support political candidates or political philosophies
  • Organizations whose primary purpose is to influence, promote or attempt to initiate legislation
  • Organizations in need of funding for travel outside of Enterprise
  • For-profit ventures
  • Endowments
  • Budget deficits incurred prior to application
  • Normal and routine operating and administrative expenses of the organization applying excluding Economic Development Projects.

Application Process

Grants are made twice during the fiscal year, April and October. Ten copies of the proposal must be submitted.  Requests for funding must be type-written.  All applications must be received no later than March 1st and September 1st of each year.  All applications will be heard by the City Council immediately following the two deadline dates.  The City of Enterprise will not consider any applications that are not presented to them in person by the applicant.

Grant Classifications

Community Projects:    Projects which provide a benefit to the Community of Enterprise and its residents but which do not fit within any of the other project categories set forth herein.

County Projects:       Programs, events or projects which occurs primarily outside the City limits of the City of Enterprise, but which promotes tourism and lodging within the City or otherwise confers a benefit on the residents of the City of Enterprise.

Economic Development: Projects that benefit the vitality of the economy of Enterprise by retaining and creating job opportunities.

Special Events:   An event or gathering of a nature which relates to the culture or history of the City of Enterprise and/or which draw visitors to the City of Enterprise.

Community Improvements:  Programs of public improvements intended to beautify and improve the appearance of the City of Enterprise.

Tourism Promotion:  Advertising, publicizing or distributing information for the purpose of attracting and welcoming tourists; conducting strategic planning and research necessary to stimulate future tourism development; operating tourism promotion agencies; and marketing special events and festivals designed to attract tourists; support of tourism related facilities.

Tourism Promotion Agency:   An incorporated nonprofit organization or governmental unit that is  responsible for the tourism promotion of a destination on a year-round basis; a nonprofit entity that manages tourism-related economic development plans, programs and projects; a regional or statewide association that represents entities that rely on tourism related business for more than 50 percent of their total income.

Tourism Related Facility:     A conference center, convention center or visitor information center, and other improved real property that has a useful life of 10 or more years and has a substantial purpose of supporting tourism or accommodating tourist activities.


Maximum grant allowances

The City of Enterprise CETRA program will issue grants up to a maximum of $2,000.00 for the Fiscal Year 2015-16.  However, if the request is a County Event which is defined as an event occurring out of the Enterprise City Limits, it shall be limited to 20% of the maximum allowable grant for the fiscal year.  The maximum allowable grant amount is reviewed on an annual basis by the City Council and can be reduced or increased from year to year.

Review of Grant Requests

When an organization submits a request for funds, the City evaluates both the project and the organization based on these additional guidelines


  • Is the organization structured and managed to assure successful completion of the project?
  • Are the resources of the organization consistent with its programs?  What are the sources of financial and other support?
  • How does the organization’s program/event benefit the Enterprise community
  • Can the organizations efforts be monitored conveniently?
  • Has the organization applied for a grant before?  Was the Grant Follow-up Report submitted in a timely and complete manner?  Were funds used for the purpose requested?


  • Why should the city be interested in this project?
  • Does the project enhance the City’s appeal?
  • Is the project’s approach designed to meet its objectives?  Will a grant from the City bring about desired results?
  • Does the project have broad community involvement, as evidenced by cooperative planning, diversified funding and commitments of future support?
  • Does the project duplicate or counteract other interests?


Review Process

The City Administrator reviews the application for completeness and accuracy.  Depending on the nature of event/project, the proposal may also be reviewed by other City staff.  It is then given to the City Council to review prior to the March and September Council meeting (second Monday).  Applicants are allowed 10 minutes to make a presentation to the Council.  The applications will then be referred to the Motel Tax Committee for a more formal review and follow-up.  The Motel Tax Committee will present the City Administrator with their recommendations to be distributed to the City Council at the next Council meeting (April or October).  The City Council will make the final decision to grant/deny funds.  Applicants are encouraged to only apply once per granting cycle each fiscal year.  

Distribution of Funds

Grants are paid to the applicant, not to vendors of products or services.  Reimbursements are made only for those expenses itemized in Section 7 “Project Budget” upon receipt of paid invoices to the vendor by the applicant.  Any changes to the approved budget must be approved by the Motel Tax Committee.  Prepaid expenditures may be requested to the City Administrator by request.  A decision will be made within two weeks of request upon review with Motel Tax Committee.   Granting period is 12 months from the date of award; extensions can be granted upon written request and approved by the City Council.  Unused funds shall be returned to the Hotel/Motel Grant program.

The city reserves the right to withhold any or all funding if the city finds that the project is not proceeding according to the project outline. 

Grant Follow-up Report

Organizations receiving grants must complete and submit a Grant Follow-up Report within 30 days after the event or upon completion of the project.  This report documents how the funds were spent and verifies that the funds were spent solely for the purpose for which the grant was sought.  Failure to submit the Grant Follow-up Report will result in disapproval of future grant applications.

If you have additional questions, contact Michele Young, City Administrator at 541-426-4196.



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